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Tokuyama Dental America’s OMNICHROMA is the newest generation ofuniversal composites. Launched in February of 2019, the product has quickly shaken up the composite market, exciting dentists across the country as they try their hands at this product for the first time. As the first universal composite that can match every tooth shade with ones hade of composite, it’s truly revolutionary technology.

As OMNICHROMA continues popping up in dental practices across the U.S. and the rest of the world, some doctors have wondered why they should try OMNICHROMA and what benefits it may offer their practice.

Below we discuss three reasons why OMNICHROMA should be in your practice based on what doctors have told us about their own experiences with this innovative product.

1. No more time-consuming, subjective shade-matching procedures
Shade-matching can often be a tedious and difficult part of a restorative procedure. Using various shadematching guides held up to teeth can help to simplify the process, but often, the shade guides vary depending on the brand. Moreover, composite brands’ shades don’t always match these shade guides perfectly, adding even more subjectivity to choosing a shade. Various factors such as lighting, the paint color of the room and vision differences such as color blindness can determine which shade appears to match. And, none of this takes into account the fact that many times teeth exhibit multiple shades, not just one. All of these factors make it very difficult to perfectly match the color of a tooth.

OMNICHROMA eliminates these concerns by serving as a single shade of composite that can match every tooth shade in most restorative cases-even when that tooth consists of multiple shades. Doctors no longer have to worry about taking the time to find a shade that matches because OMNICHROMA will work with almost every case. This will help to reduce chair time during procedures and the unneeded stress and worry shade matching can cause.

2. Save money on overhead and reduce waste at your practice
To match every patients’ tooth shade, most doctors keep several shades of composite on hand at all times. These shades can range from commonly used shades, such as A2, to much less commonly used shades, such as D4. The trouble with this is often these rarely used materials end up expiring before they’re used up completely. A recent survey by Dental Products Report found 47 percent of dentists throw away up to 5 percent of their composite due to it expiring. At a more extreme end of the scale, one dentist said he throws away up to 30 percent of composite due to it expiring. Evidently, all of this wasted composite results in unneeded expenses and high overhead costs.

OMNICHROMA solves this problem by offering a single shade of composite that matches every tooth shade. With a shelf life of three years and its expansive shade-matching ability, OMNICHROMA will be used by your practice so often the likelihood of it even having a chance to expire is very low. Not only does this reduce the chance of having to toss expired composite, but it can also significantly reduce overhead costs by decreasing the variety of composites previously needed to be kept on hand.

3. No need to replace the composite after teeth bleaching
How often do you complete an entire restoration just to have the patient ask about teeth bleaching right when you’re done? With most composites, this is a problem- the shade of the composite won’t adjust with bleaching, so it has to be replaced. OMNICHROMA, on the other hand, will continue to match the tooth.

Because OMNICHROMA actually generates the color of the surrounding tooth without any added dyes or pigments, it’s constantly adjusting to the color of the tooth over time. So, if a tooth color slightly changes from bleaching or even aging, OMNICHROMA will naturally and seamlessly adapt to the color of the tooth. For patients, this means they’ll have a beautiful, long-lasting restoration. For doctors, this means they won’t have to worry about redoing restorations after bleaching or over time as the patient’s tooth begins to naturally shift in color.

There’s a reason Tokuyama’s OMNICHROMA is quickly cascading into the dental market and throughout dentists’ offices across the globe. Its innovative technology is simplifying restorative procedures and saving doctors from the daily troubles shade matching can cause.

Be the next doctor to try it; head to OMNICHROMA. com/US to learn more and request your sample today.

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