24 practice management ideas to improve your dental practice ... in 90 seconds or less

July 6, 2015
Kevin Henry

Kevin Henry is the group editorial director for Advanstar Dental Media and has more than 15 years of experience in the dental publications field. He can be reached by email at khenry@advanstar.com. Also, you can follow him on Twitter (@kgh23).

What happens when the greatest minds in the dental consulting industry get together? The answer is an amazing weekend of brainstorming and sharing about the current and future states of the dental industry.

What happens when the greatest minds in the dental consulting industry get together? The answer is an amazing weekend of brainstorming and sharing about the current and future states of the dental industry.

I was lucky enough to spend a weekend recently at the annual Speaking Consulting Network gathering. This year’s event was held in Portland, Ore., and was attended by more than 100 of the nation’s finest dental consultants and speakers.

As the only member of the dental media attending this event, I wanted to take full advantage I had of the time with this group. During our weekend together, I asked each of these amazing consultants and thought leaders if they would share with me the one thing they would change about your dental practice … in 90 seconds or less. At the end of the conference, 24 of them had accepted the challenge.

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With subjects ranging from social media to your morning huddle to the illegal things you’re doing on your Website (yes, we’re talking to some of you), here are practice management tips from 24 of today’s leading dental consultants, each in 90 seconds or less.

Linda Miles on the importance of the practice administrator

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Dayna Johnson on the placement of your treatment monitors

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Rita Zamora on getting reviews for your practice

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Mindy Altermatt on changes to your morning huddle

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Debra Englehardt-Nash on the importance of leadership

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Kristine Hodsdon on treatment presentation

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Dr. Wayne Kerr on the importance of the morning huddle

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Christine Taxin on medical billing

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Teresa Duncan on the importance of reading insurance correctly

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Adele Reische on the impression your dental practice makes on patients

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Jan Keller on how you should onboard your new employees

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Jennifer Schultz on the ability to outsource to experts

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Bethany Valachi on one of the most common ergonomic problems

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Neal Inscoe on improving your cash flow

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Judy Kay Mausolf on the importance of solid standards

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Lois Banta on improving your communication

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Dr. Kenneth Cavallari on treatment presentation

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Leslie Canham on infection control 

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Janice Hurley on knowing what information you've already received from patients

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Dr. David Moffet on knowing your dental practice's numbers

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Dr. Lisa Knowles on changing your mindset

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Rachel Mele on not using copyrighted images on your practice's website

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Kim Brozovich on changing your morning huddle

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Leslie Icenogle on communication

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