The 2018 Future of Dentistry event will feature a variety of experts

Experts will come together in this event to share strategies and tips for today's practice owner.

The 2018 installment of The Future of Dentistry Event begins Monday, January 29. Ten leading experts across the dental industry will come together to share their strategies and tips to help dentists navigate the rapidly changing, and increasingly complex world, of private dental practice ownership.

This two-week online video series event is completely complimentary and available to all dentists who simply register here.

This year’s lineup of featured experts includes:

Their specialized topics of discussion include practice management, marketing, leadership, communications, and treatment acceptance.

“We’re absolutely blown away … not only by the vast knowledge of this year’s featured experts, but also by their genuine desire to help the private practice dental community,” says Kent Sears, co-host of The 2018 Future of Dentistry Event.

The Future of Dentistry is an annual online video series event founded by Marilee Sears in 2014. Marilee established the event to help private practice dentists understand the far-reaching changes happening within the dental industry, and through the help of the industry’s top experts and thought leaders, learn how to successfully navigate those challenges to achieve higher levels of personal and professional success. Marilee, who specializes in leadership coaching and practice management, is joined by Kent Sears, who specializes in marketing, as co-hosts for the 2018 installment of this event.

“Dentistry is changing, but there is still plenty of opportunity available. When I began this event in 2014, it was in honor of my father who was a private practice dentist for over 40 years. I’ve witnessed first-hand the challenges and struggles faced by today’s private practice owner. And it’s become my mission to provide an ongoing forum for today’s dentist to connect with and gain complimentary access to the industry’s top experts and thought leaders. Because in this time of change, the biggest risk is staying the same,” says Marilee Sears, Founder and co-host of the Future of Dentistry Event series.