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20 scrub tops your patients will love


Scrubs are a great way to showcase your personality - and maybe even get your patients to smile while they're at the dentist.

Are you bored with wearing scrubs to the office every day? Is your closet a sea of white, black and navy scrub tops?

While wearing scrubs every day can be monotonous, it can also be a great way to express your personality and individuality. Have a favorite cartoon? There's a scrub top for that. Want to show support for your hometown sports team? There's a scrub top for that too. Do you want to coordinate your outfit with the season? You guessed it - there's a scrub top for that!

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In addition to showcasing your personality, fun scrub tops are sure to delight your patients (especially your pediatric ones) and can make laying back in the dental chair a little less scary.

We scoured the internet to find 20 scrub tops that you - and your patients - are sure to love.

Click through the slides to check them out!


Now that summer has unofficially started, the Fourth of July is right around the corner. Show off your patriotic spirit on July 4 - or all year - with this red, white and blue scrub top.

Available at PeachesUniforms4u.com.


Just keep swimming!

Your patients won't help but be able to smile when they see this Finding Dory-inspired scrub top.

Available at Pulse Uniform.


Raise your hand if you've lost track of the number of times a day you remind your patients to brush and floss their teeth. One more reminder with this shirt can't hurt, right?

Available at Uniform Advantage.


Sometimes a dental office can feel like being at Disney World: the complaining, the whining, the queues of adults and kids waiting in line ... you get the picture. Channel the nicer - and less chaotic! - side of Disney with this Mickey and Minnie Mouse scrub top.

Available at Pulse Uniform.


Most kids are intrigued by the legend of the tooth fairy (while others are just happy to get a little extra cash under their pillows). Enchant your younger patients with your own tales of the tooth fairy while sporting this top and their dental cleaning will be over before they know it!

Available at Uniform Advantage.


We've all heard of Dia de los Muertos, but check out this Dia de los Gatos scrub top! Showcase your love for all things spooky this fall with these scrubs.

Available at Dickies Medical.


Do you sometimes feel like your dental office is one big Mad Tea Party? If so, then this Alice in Wonderland scrub top is a perfect choice!

Available at Pulse Uniform.


Share the love with this vibrant patterned heart scrub top. These scrubs are perfect for Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day or any day you're feeling extra lovey dovey.

Available at Uniform Advantage


Do you consider yourself a Potterhead? Do you argue with your friends over which Hogwarts House is supreme? If this sounds familiar, then check out this Harry Potter-inspired scrub top.

Available at Etsy


Disney·Pixar is (finally) releasing Incredibles 2 this summer. Can't wait for the film to hit the big screen? Get in on the action with this colorful top.   

Available at allheart.


Would you rather be feasting on roasted turkey and mashed potatoes instead of feasting your eyes on the layers of plaque on your patients' teeth? This Thanksgiving-inspired scrub top will remind you of feasts yet to come and also serve as a reminder to be grateful - even if you're currently dealing with your fifth patient today who doesn't understand the concept of floss!

Available at Dickies Medical.


Spread the peace and love with this '60s-inspired scrub top. This funky shirt is a great way to channel your inner flower child at the office.

Available at Pulse Uniform.


Everyone needs at least one monogrammed piece of clothing in their closet. This personalized scrub jacket will show off your individuality - and keep you warm!

Available at Etsy.


Do you spend your summer days at the office wishing you were at the beach or cruising around town in a convertible? Bring a little bit of summer into the office with this patterned aviator top.

Available at Uniform Advantage.


Can you just not get enough of that holiday spirit? Do your coworkers catch you singing Christmas carols at the office in July? If so, then this Fa La La Llama scrub top was made for you!

Available at Dickies Medical


Calling all the cat lovers! This adorable feline top is for you. Plus, how can your patients possibly complain when they're greeted by all these smiling kittens? (OK, your patients will most likely still complain, but we can all hope!)

Available at Uniform Advantage.


We try to be inclusive here at Modern Hygienist, so if we're featuring a cat scrub top, then we have to include a dog one as well. (Plus, we don't want to ignite the dogs vs. cats debate...)

Available at Uniform Advantage.


Channel your inner hippie with these tie dye scrubs. You'll be groovin' through the office when you sport this psychedelic outfit.

Available at Etsy.


Good grief, Charlie Brown!

Whether you grew up reading Peanuts or you're just a fan of Snoopy, you'll enjoy this colorful scrub top.

Available at Pulse Uniform.


Let's face it, the winter stinks. And having to drive on snowy roads to the dental office every day only makes matters worse. But, you can try to make the winter months a little more bearable by wearing this cute penguin scrub top.

Available at Dickies Medical.

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