10 States with the Worst Taxpayer ROI

What services are you getting in return for the state taxes that you pay? In its latest analysis, WalletHub looked at the return on investment taxpayers are getting in each state. Dentist’s Money Digest® previously reported on the study, highlighting where the tax ROI is best. Unfortunately for residents in these states, this is where it’s worst.

If you’ve ever wondered just how much of the taxes you pay go toward improving and increasing access to government services, you’re not alone. Recently, WalletHub analyzed data from several sources in a new report to see where taxpayers are actually getting the most return on investment (ROI) for the taxes they pay.

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State and local taxes collected were contrasted with the quality of public services provided within five predetermined categories: education, health, safety, economy, and infrastructure and pollution. Twenty-three key metrics were included in the analysis to help determine which of the 50 states provided taxpayers with the most bang for their buck, with a score of 100 indicating the best quality of government service. Previously, Dentist’s Money Digest® previously reported on the 10 States with the Best Taxpayer ROI — but for each state with good rankings, there must be corresponding states with poor rankings.

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41. Vermont

· Vermont received a health ranking of 30 out of all 50 states.

· In terms of economy, the state is ranked at number 27.

42. Nevada

· According to WalletHub, Nevada’s hospital systems are some of the worst countrywide.

· The state also has one the highest violent crime rates in America.

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43. Wyoming

· Wyoming has more total taxes per capita compared to many other states.

· However, the overall government services rank only comes in at number 17.

44. Delaware

· The health rank for the state of Delaware came in at number 49.

· The overall government services ranking for the state was number 29.

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45. Arkansas

· A high percentage of residents are living in poverty in Arkansas.

· Overall, government services for this state were ranked at number 44.

46. New York

· The state of New York has some of the worst hospital systems in the nation.

· New York also has one of the worst water quality scores nationwide.

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47. California

· Residents of California typically pay more taxes than residents of other states.

· Even though the tax rate is higher, the quality of governmental services doesn’t rank very high — the state comes in at number 32.

48. New Mexico

· According to WalletHub, New Mexico’s school systems are the second worst in the country.

· New Mexico has the third highest violent crime rate nationwide.

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49. Hawaii

· This state has the third worst roads and bridges out of all 50 states.

· Hawaii also has the third worst water quality when compared to other states.

50. North Dakota

· Residents of North Dakota pay more in taxes than in any other state.

· Even though more taxes are collected here than anywhere else, the state only ranks at number 9 for overall quality of governmental services.

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