10 States With The Best Taxpayer ROI

WalletHub, in its latest analysis, looked at what residents are getting in return for their state tax dollars. Criteria for evaluation included education, health and safety, among others. Here’s how the top 10 states stack up.

2017’s Tax Day has come and gone, and, if you’re like many, you might think you pay too much in taxes anually. Many Americans also think federal and state governments waste much of the money collected from taxes, and many estimate that more than half of each tax dollar is wasted.

Considering this apparent disconnect in the minds of millions of taxpayers, WalletHub analyzed data from several sources in a new report to see where taxpayers are getting the most return on investment (ROI) for the taxes they pay. State and local taxes collected from taxpayers were contrasted with the quality of public services provided within five predetermined categories: education, health, safety, economy, and infrastructure and pollution. Twenty-three key metrics were included in the analysis to help determine which of the 50 states provided American taxpayers with the most bang for their buck, with a score of 100 indicating the best quality of government service.

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1. New Hampshire

· This state boasts the lowest percentage of residents living in poverty.

· New Hampshire also has the fourth lowest violent crime rate in the nation.

2. South Dakota

· South Dakota has the fourth best hospital system in the country, according to the analysis.

· It also ranks 9th in total taxes paid per capita, counting only individuals aged 18 and older.

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3. Florida

· Florida ranks 3rd in total taxes paid per capita, one of the lowest tax rates nationwide.

· This state has the fourth best roads and bridges nationally.

4. Virginia

· Virginia has the 3rd lowest violent crime rate in the country.

· The state comes in at number 15 for total taxes paid per capita.

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5. Alaska

· This state has the 3rd lowest percentage of residents living in poverty.

· Total taxes paid per capita is ranked at number 1, the best out of all 50 states.

6. Colorado

· Out of a possible high score of 100, Colorado’s government services ranking was 61.65, the 11th best nationally.

· Colorado’s economy was ranked the 4th best in the country.

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7. Utah

· This state is number 1 in the country when it comes to the best hospital system.

· Utah’s government services ranking was 64.19, the 10th best in the nation.

8. Missouri

· Total taxes paid per capita was ranked at number 5 for the state of Missouri.

· The overall government services ranking for this state was 37.

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9. Texas

· Government services received an overall rank of 28 in the state of Texas.

· The economy in the state was ranked 11th best in the nation.

10. Nebraska

· Government services in the state of Nebraska are ranked at the 4th best countrywide.

· The economy is the 3rd best in the country, while infrastructure and pollution was ranked at the 5th best.

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