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10 Questions: Zahn Dental

Digital EstheticsDental Lab Products-2012-02-01
Issue 2

01. What advantages does a lab gain by choosing to work with Zahn for equipment and supplies?

01. What advantages does a lab gain by choosing to work with Zahn for equipment and supplies?

Zahn Dental is a full-service provider-you truly can do one-stop shopping with us. We carry all major brand suppliers plus offer exclusive products-private brand, Zirlux full contour zirconia, Hilla digital transfer, Noritake porcelain, Camlog implants-to name a few. We are working closely with Henry Schein Dental to introduce new and innovative products and will expand our customer reach. We also offer value-added services such as ConnectDental; DDX, the Digital Dental Exchange; Financial Services; Lab Design; the largest selection of gold and denture teeth; Web ordering; Continuing Education opportunities; and our outsourcing partner CMC, which can expand your restorative material options.

02. How does Zahn put its “Rely On Us” slogan into action?

Over the years we have developed strong relationships with our accounts. They can “Rely On Us” to help them uncover opportunities, provide innovative solutions and meet their needs. We can help find the right solution for their lab, offer new material options for their customers, assist them with financial needs, and more. Our field consultants and telesales team can help labs achieve their professional goals. Our customers come to think of us as their trusted advisors.

03. Does Zahn have an overall goal or focus for 2012?

This year, our focus is removable prosthetics, all-ceramic restorations, digital solutions, implantology and we are excited to bring to market our first cooperative marketing plan that will brand Zirlux as the leading full contour zirconia restoration. Zirlux and Hilla are two products that we believe have the ability to help labs offer consistent esthetic results for their accounts.

04. How does Zahn stay on the cutting edge in terms of the products and services you offer?

We are always researching new companies and innovative products that come to market, and evaluating how our customers would benefit from them. We organize focus groups that help us uncover new industry opportunities to deliver profitability and new avenues to expand the market for our customers.

05. With multiple products available in numerous categories, how does Zahn help lab owners decide which system or material is best for their businesses?

First, we have a business development meeting with the lab owners to determine their goals and needs so we can advise them of the restorative options that best fit their business. Our continuing education classes can be a way to learn about products, and can be a great tool to help lab owners and technicians understand which systems and materials are the best options for them.

06. How can Zahn help labs transition into the world of digital production?

Zahn offers an end-to-end digital solution, depending on what feels most comfortable to the laboratory. Our digital road shows are a great way to get your feet wet, and to see what we offer and how the various technologies seamlessly work together. Our digital solutions include DDX (our digital highway), software, scanners, printers and milling machines. We also have a first-class technology team that will assist you in all steps of your digital exploration.

07. Does every lab need to follow the same digital path, or are there options to fit different situations?

We have created an operating system format with options that seamlessly integrate together, yet is strategically open to support third-party systems. The labs can adopt some or all of the digital components at a pace with which they are comfortable.

08. Why is providing continuing education important to Zahn?

We continue to offer as many education opportunities as possible, and provide hands-on opportunities when applicable. Seeing and touching the product really gives technicians an understanding of how it works and if it is a good option for their laboratory. Experiencing a new system or material in action is the best way to evaluate its fit for a particular lab as the industry continues to evolve. Education in conjunction with sales and marketing is our avenue to keep our customers informed.

09. Can you tell me about the “Build Our Future” campaign and Zahn’s work with The Foundation for Dental Laboratory Technology?

Henry Schein strongly believes that we should fulfill our social responsibility as a good corporate citizen and give back to the industries that we serve. The “Build Our Future” program is part of our effort to raise funds to assist the Foundation in reaching its goals. Items with the “Build Our Future” symbol in our flyer represent suppliers who support the program through Zahn, and a percentage of sales of these items are given to the Foundation. In addition, for the second consecutive year, Zahn and our supplier partners created a personalized calendar for laboratories, with all profits generated donated to The Foundation.

10. Do labs benefit from Zahn’s position as a division of leading dental supplier Henry Schein?

Absolutely. As a division of Henry Schein, we have access to products and relationships that are unique and exclusive to our customers. We have a better understanding of both the dental and lab customers, and use that information to create solutions for both.

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