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Issue 5

01. Since the news of the partnership between 3M ESPE and Jensen, there have been lots of questions about the details. How long has this been in the works?

01. Since the news of the partnership between 3M ESPE and Jensen, there have been lots of questions about the details. How long has this been in the works?

The idea of a partnership between Jensen and 3M ESPE is not new. 3M ESPE identified Jensen as having best practices in the lab industry with quality products and services, customer relationships, support and education. In the end, a shared commitment to quality, innovation and customer success brought us together.

02. And, just to make sure we’re all on the same page this is not an acquisition, correct?
This is not an acquisition. We like the fact that each company can operate independently and leverage their individual strengths.

03. Can you explain what “certified lab channel partner” will mean to the customer?
This is a 3M ESPE term that is used to describe our partners who support our mutual customers. However, it does not fully capture the spirit of the Jensen and 3M ESPE collaboration. We are both committed to providing labs of all sizes with innovative digital products and services, support, quality education and technical service.

04. Both companies are known for good support services. How will this improve?
Because each company brings a unique area of expertise, we believe we are better positioned to identify the needs of our customers and develop solutions based on their input. Jensen’s relationships in the lab market provide insights that allow our partnership to address customer needs, and innovate digital solutions.

05. What does this look like in terms of ongoing education opportunities?
Jensen has a reputation for providing world- class education and support to labs while 3M ESPE is a world-class provider of clinical and scientific data. Together, 3M ESPE and Jensen will help their customers succeed in the digital world through an ongoing commitment to education and training.

06. What, if any, day-to-day changes will the companies need to adjust to?
Jensen will continue to sell Jensen branded value-based products but also will sell and support 3M ESPE Lab materials and Lava Network Certified Equipment that are co-branded. The real opportunity is to allow each organization to play to their strengths. Doing so will bring sustainable benefits to our customers to grow their business into the future.

07. And how will this most benefit the customer-the lab technician?
Buying a digital system for a lab is a big decision and it is important that they invest in a partnership with a company they trust, and someone who will be there in the future. The customer should expect a reliable fully integrated digital solution perfectly matched to their consumable needs, customer support and education that allow the customer to optimize their capabilities. The Jensen 3M ESPE partnership is committed to delivering on this expectation.

08. In terms of how this move plays into the ongoing trends of digital dentistry, how are both companies better positioned to serve the lab community?
As previously mentioned, we are well positioned to support the future digital needs of our customers, and they can count on both companies to be there to support them in the future.

09. Looking ahead, how do you see digital dentistry continuing to change the industry?
Digital impressioning is still embryonic, but we believe it will become the standard industry practice. A lab’s ability to work within this workflow will be critical. The new materials we will be introducing, beginning with the New Lava™ Full Contour Highly Translucent Zirconia launching this year, present promising opportunities and will allow labs to provide customers with high quality, highly esthetic cost effective products with shorter turnaround and fewer remakes.

10. How does this partnership play to each company’s strengths moving forward?
Jensen is a great lab company with the infrastructure to support dental technicians in education and training. Jensen is dedicated to their customers’ success. 3M ESPE has a reputation for innovation, quality and reliability, but most importantly we are committed to the long-term prosperity of our customers.

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