10 Questions: Jay McCulloch, Vice President Global Marketing, Oral Care

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2010-02-01
Issue 2

01 Water Pik is known best for its dental water jet. How do you improve on a good thing?

01 Water Pik is known best for its dental water jet. How do you improve on a good thing?

Our key commitments are to continually improve the product, deliver meaningful clinical results and support the dental community who recommend our products. We conduct extensive consumer research. From our findings, we developed smaller and more contemporary designs, made them quieter, easier to maneuver and less messy. Second, we ramped up our clinical research to ensure that we’re delivering results that are clinically significant.

02 Is the dental water jet a good replacement for flossing?

We always say if a patient is flossing and getting good results, then they should stick with it. But for those patients who don’t like to floss, the Waterpik dental water jet is the therapy of choice-and the clinical facts bear that out.

03 What type of clinical research do you have to support that recommendation?

Since 2005 we have sponsored three independent clinical studies to compare the Waterpik product directly with floss-to measure gingivitis reductions and plaque removal. In each of these studies, the dental water jet showed superior results. We’re continuing to increase clinical research support worldwide.

04 What are common misconceptions about what Water Pik is and is not capable of?

Plaque biofilm removal is a hot question. There was a study conducted last year at USC, which showed that a 3-second dental water jet application removed 99.9% of plaque biofilm in treated areas. These results generated a lot of interest and discussion within the dental community.

05 Many hygienists are still unaware that Water Pik manufactures prophy angles and prophy paste. Why is offering this product line important to you?

Water Pik makes a full line of professional in-office products. Given our knowledge of the dental hygiene community and our R&D resources, we can deliver dental products that are different and better.

06 What do you feel sets your prophy products apart from the competitive set?

We have several examples. For one, the Waterpik Wizard DPA has a brush-in-cup design to enhance polishing and stain removal from occlusal and interproximal surfaces. Another is our Waterpik Soft Shine prophy paste; it contains sapphire particulates that can be used to safely polish both real teeth and restorations at the same time.

07 Water Pik also offers a fluoride varnish. How do you educate practices on its relevance to their preventive care treatment?

Our fluoride varnish product offers extra thin consistency that makes it easier to apply, more elegant to wear, and provides optimal fluoride release. A win-win for the hygienist and patient. We think the best way to educate hygienists is by providing a free sample for them to try.

08 What are some new things we can expect to see from Water Pik in the coming year?

We’re going to unveil a few big things at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting. There are some new clinical research results from the University of Amsterdam and we are going to relaunch our entire Dental water jet line. The details are top secret, but I can tell you the Dental water jet will transition to something new. Best of all, everyone who comes to see our new video presentation in Chicago will receive a free Waterpik Shower Head.

09 What other in-office products would you like us to know about?

Most probably don’t know that we are the market leader for impression trays. We’re now introducing a new ECO Tray- the first biodegradable impression tray on the planet.

10  What is the best way for dental hygienists to keep up with new products and research at Water Pik?

The best way is to visit our Web site at waterpik.com and sign up for our newsletter-we send out 10 to 12 per year. That way you have the latest on our products and research delivered right to your e-mail box. 

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