The 6 things every dental hygienist should be doing to grow professionally

October 22, 2014

After working a full day of clinical hygiene in a North Carolina dental practice, Anastasia Turchetta, RDH, took a few moments to chat with Modern Hygienist about the six things she believes every dental hygienist should do in order to grow themselves as a professional and boost the bottom line of the dental practice.

5 downtime activities to show you are an indispensable Modern Millennial Hygienist

October 05, 2014

In our previous article, we introduced the idea of the Modern Millennial Hygienist (MMH). MMH challenges our brains to use higher level revolutionary thinking. Growth and change can warp-speed return on investment (ROI) and profitability for the practice AND the hygienist. This issue, we will look at how a MMH uses the opportunities downtime provides.

The savvy dental hygienist: 4 facts about the Bank of Mom and Dad

October 05, 2014

Bill and Carly are both in their early 60s. Bill is a diesel mechanic and Carly a dental hygienist. They have three children: Julie, age 29; Megan, age 26; and Samuel, age 24.  Julie just finished and MBA program after living at home while waitressing for five years after college. She has a local placement with a good salary, yet plans to live one more year at home while attacking $150,000 in student loans.