From GNYDM 2014: Learning more about PeriRx and a new salivary test for oral cancer

November 30, 2014

PeriRx LLC, a developer of breakthrough, non-invasive, oral diagnostic technology, recently made its national debut at the Greater New York Dental Meeting. Anastasia Turchetta, RDH, the editor of Modern Hygienist, was there to talk to Stephen M. Swanick, CEO and founder of PeriRx, LLC, about the company and what it can offer the dental community.

#MHThankful: An easy way for dental hygienists to help those in need

November 25, 2014

Sure, you have lots of reasons to be thankful this week (as we head into Thanksgiving) and throughout the holiday season. However, Anastasia Turchetta, RDH, is giving you a quick and easy way to show your thankfulness and help someone in need.

Discovering your zen within your instrumentation

November 24, 2014

Ask yourself: How do you feel when you walk through the door of your place of employment? Are you overcome with excitement and solidarity? Are you anticipating angst and chaos? Maybe you walk into your own personal nirvana! Small changes can yield great results. How we approach our instrumentation choices can make great differences in the course and flow of our day.

Thoughts from a Colorado dental hygienist on opening her own practice and serving the public

November 14, 2014

Note from group editorial director Kevin Henry: As a resident of Colorado, I have seen that this state does things a little differently than the other 49 sometimes. I mean, you’ve heard about our sales of marijuana for recreational and medicinal usage, right? Let’s face it, the state has been a trailblazer on some edgy topics … and that includes dental hygienists being able to open their own practices.

3 reasons why a Modern Millennial Hygienist does NOT perio chart

November 13, 2014

Millennials balk at doing things the way we’ve always done it because they want freedom of choice in everything. They may not balk at the assignment itself but instead may challenge the methodology. A Modern Millennial Hygienist questions the same old way of charting and diagnosing periodontal disease. A Modern Millennial Hygienist knows that symptoms-disease-dysfunction does not make sense with science.

Introducing Anastasia Turchetta, RDH, as editor of Modern Hygienist

November 08, 2014

Since I came on board as the group editorial director for Advanstar’s dental division in September of 2013, one of my biggest goals and objectives has been to elevate the role of the dental team throughout Advanstar’s titles, including Dental Products Report (DPR). You can see part of that objective realized on a monthly basis in our “I Use That” series in DPR.

4 reasons that Modern Millennial Hygienists should track their production numbers

November 02, 2014

Millennials are natural entrepreneurs and are not much satisfied with status quo. The Ebola crisis has brought to light the need for proper personal protective equipment and procedures. Yet there needs to be funds to pay for it. The cost of doing business needs to be more than a nebulous idea.