Dental Products Report-2012-01-01

Dental Products Report

User evaluation of Lang Dental’s NOVUS

March 05, 2013

As a profession, many of us use soft reline materials for our edentulous patients. Options in the past have included either chairside procedures or laboratory processed materials. As seen in the responses from our group below, there are a variety of issues with soft reline materials. The biggest concern for a soft/resilient denture liner, regardless of whether the material was used chairside or was laboratory processed, is the longevity of the softness/resilience.

Planmeca's ProMax Pan/Ceph digital x-ray system provides clean, repeatable images

May 30, 2012

I’ve been using the Planmeca's ProMax since early 2010 when I expanded my office. The Planmeca sales rep presented it to me and when I saw what the pan could do I really liked it. Because I was modernizing my office and expanding it, I thought adding the ProMax was the natural way to take it, to move into digital and go paperless. What would you say are the ProMax’s main benefits?

Patient Perspective: The multi-layered comfort of 3D technology

March 26, 2012

Motivated by great word-of-mouth recommendations, Amanda Davis is a new patient at Complete Smiles Dentistry, under the care of Dr. Bryan Couch. The high-tech nature of the practice was not what first drew her in, but it definitely caught and kept her attention as she prepared to have dental implants placed. The dentist’s set-up

How to: Stabilize partial dentures

March 21, 2012

Most dentists likely have seen the statistics that tell us seniors will represent more than 20% of the total population within the next few decades.1 In light of this fact, many of us are exploring our options for how to better cater to members of the senior population and their specific needs. In many cases, this means providing denture services.

A new way to think about posterior composites

March 21, 2012

Dr. Michael R. Sesemann and his team can’t imagine going back. For more than 20 years, they’ve used the incremental placement technique for direct posterior composites in an effort to minimize polymerization stress, and that meant using three different composites to finish a restoration. This is a very labor intensive process, Dr.

5 Reasons to Buy: Getting it tight

March 21, 2012

1. Consistently achieves tight, accurate contacts by using advanced ring, wedge and matrix technology to seal and shape the restoration. 2. Provides a wide array of applications for sectional matrix system use, allowing for predictable, tight contact and contour between significantly damaged molars and premolars, even when a cusp is missing.

10 Questions: Leif Ebert, President of VOCO AMERICA

March 21, 2012

01 How did you start your professional career? After I obtained my MBA, I joined a consulting company in Hamburg, Germany. We helped start-up companies figure out their finances and we wrote business plans that helped them receive money from state, federal or European funds.

5 Reasons to Buy: Apatite stimulator

March 21, 2012

1. This light-cured flowable resin containing Calcium Silicates offers the apatite stimulating benefits of calcium hydroxide and sealing capabilities of Resin Modified Glass Ionomers. It’s the first of a new class of internal flowable pulpal protectant/liner materials known as Resin Modified Calcium Silicates (RMCS).

Teaming up to advance composite placement

March 21, 2012

I’m always on the lookout for a better mousetrap. Whether it be a laser, a smartphone or some other amazing piece of equipment that will change my life, I’m driven to find the “next great thing.” The wonderful part of being the Technology Editor here at Dental Products Report is that when I find these things, they not only change my life for the better, but I get the chance to share them with you!

The mini handpiece evolution

March 21, 2012

Small-headed handpieces are nothing new. I’m guessing most of us have owned one at some point in our careers. We’ve been enamored by their compact size but underwhelmed by their ability to cut tooth structure.

Looking Ahead: Industry Insiders Forecast Future Trends

March 21, 2012

There is no sure way to predict what to expect in the year to come. launches get delayed. economic issues reshape expectations. Patient behavior can be…unpredictable. But while the practical efforts of reading the professional tea leaves may not bear much fruit, the exercise, in principle, is an interesting way to gauge just how ready your team and your practice is to take advantage of new opportunities and confront sudden challenges.

How to: Design Veneers

March 21, 2012

The proper use of laminate veneers facilitates esthetic outcomes while honoring biology and preserving hard tissue. Factors that affect the success of these restorations include appropriate preparation design, adequate reduction, marginal adaptation, stress management and distribution of occlusal forces.