Dental Lab Products April 2015

Digital Esthetics

How Core3dcentres is equipping labs for the future

July 21, 2015

Core3dcentres has been busy with its education series, Core3daCADemy, educating lab professionals all over the country about the ways going digital can help their labs. We recently spoke with Tim McKimson, global engine?ering director and general manager at Core3dcentres USA, to learn how Core3daCADemy is changing the game:

How to understand and handle today's digital workflow

May 12, 2015

As technicians, we all want to be comfortable with the workflow to process cases through the lab. Most technicians are most comfortable with what they have been doing for years. They may bring CAD/CAM into the process here and there, but they haven’t fully given in to the digital revolution. Yet, with a greater understanding of today’s machines and software, the dental lab can improve on this, providing more precise restorations while still improving turnaround time.