Dental Lab Products-2012-07-01

Digital Esthetics

Cementation Navigation: A guide to proper cementation protocols for different restoration types and clinical situations

April 29, 2014

Dentists today rely increasingly on their partners in the dental laboratory for information about how to predictably place today’s restorations. Laboratories therefore need a thorough understanding of not only the restorative material used in the fabrication of the dental restoration, but also the cementation options and protocols to provide dentists with specific details about the options available.

The new model room – step by step with Stratasys, Ltd.'s Eden 260V 3d Printer

February 25, 2013

Model scanners, CAD software and milling equipment were once only found in the largest laboratories and milling centers. However, today they can be found in even one- to two-person laboratories. There is little doubt that technology is allowing laboratories to become more efficient, more productive and have more control and consistency in their work.

Step-by-step with KOMET's ZR™ Flash Polishers™

July 24, 2012

Lab technicians worldwide want high-performance precision instruments, but they also want simplification-not an abundance of different widgets, each for a different application, cluttering the lab bench.

Tech Brief: AMT Inc.'s PXS dental system is the latest laser sintering option

July 18, 2012

Designed to enable dental labs to manufacture fixed and removable metal frameworks, the PXS dental system laser sintering  machine gets the job done cost effectively and efficiently. Using laser sintering technology to create non-precious copings and frameworks from metal powder, the system produces high quality finished products with a very high degree of accuracy while significantly reducing build time.

Real Time ROI: Preat Corp.'s eFiber

July 16, 2012

The lab After working in larger, high-production labs for several years James Davidge and his wife opened James Dean Prosthetic Arts in California about a year ago. The two-person removables lab focuses on quality and using only the best materials available. They have about 40 clients and are focused on finding out of the box ways to provide high quality prosthetics.

Real Time ROI: Whip Mix's Denar Mark 300 series articulators

July 12, 2012

The lab Located in Lakeland, Fla., Al Fillastre and his team at Ceram-O-Arts started providing laboratory work for selected high quality dentists in 1981. Al learned the craft from his father, Dr. Alvin Fillastre, a dentist, and his mother Helga, a gifted lab technician. With an emphasis on high quality, attention to detail is evident in everything they do to deliver the best restorative dentistry possible.

Many innovative products launched for dental lab technicians

July 12, 2012

A number of noteworthy new products for dental lab technicians have recently been posted on Among them are the cover products for the July 2012 issue of Dental Lab Products magazine that’s in the mail to subscribers. The cover products have been chosen because of their innovation or perceived impact on productivity and bench artistry. These products are:

From the Benchtop Editor: Building better bonds

July 11, 2012

Any time removable prosthetic technicians congregate, the conversation eventually turns to dilemmas faced in the lab. There’s no shortage of common problem situations for removable technicians to discuss, but many times questions arise about tooth de-bonding or delamination between the denture tooth and acrylic base.

Where form and function meet

July 10, 2012

Over the years, I have seen many restorations being modified and compromised due to poor planning from the start. Developing a plan, turning it into a protocol and then following every step precisely, will ensure a predictable and successful restoration. For aesthetic anterior restorations it is most important to start with a diagnostic wax up. This is a solid foundation for any case. All the critical points such as: length, proportions and anatomical details will be determined.

Working at a distance

July 06, 2012

A 55-year-old gentleman sought a smile make-over and a full reconstruction of his dentition. The case was somewhat unique for me in that the clinician was working in Florida, and the case would be completed nearly 1,500 miles away at my lab in Illinois. This, of course, meant there was no way for the patient to meet with me for a personal visit to verify shade, fit, incisal edge positioning, contour or shape in the final restoration.