Dental Lab Products-2012-10-01

Digital Esthetics

How Harmony Dental Lab benefits from Zest Anchors' LOCATOR attachments

November 06, 2012

The team at Harmony Dental Lab first heard about Zest Anchor’s LOCATOR Attachments through dental trade shows and clients who were excited about what it could offer their patients. They began using the LOCATOR not long after it was introduced to the market and have been happy with what it’s done for their lab, their dentist clients and of course the patients. “I would say on CAD/CAM bars we really like it because it has the drill and tap option,” Hodson said.

New Dental Product: Model S-4350 Mobile System by Beaverstate Dental Systems

October 10, 2012

Said to be engineered with simplicity, the Model S-4350 Mobile System duo cart provides all the basic features in a smooth, esthetic design. The system features a removable starboard work surface, which can remain on the cart or be used in other locations in the operatory. A doctor’s only version also is available.