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The best clinical x-ray products and practices for your dental practice DPR presents the first in a two part series examining the latest and greatest in digital radiography, including must-have products and the best practices for your practice.  
Maximizing the life of your practice with ergonomics As a dental practitioner, your hands and body make up the life cycle of your career. When you are focused on your patients, however, that is not always easy to take into consideration. 
What to look for in an associateship When graduating from dental school, many graduates know a great deal about their topic of study, but very little about where to go with all the knowledge they’ve gained. For recent graduates, finding the right dental practice may require some effort, but the payoff can be great. Finding a practice that offers the things you need to learn and grow in the profession can boost your career and help you reach your goals.
The digital dental practice: Patient engagement platforms The Internet has become a powerful global game changer, impacting how businesses interact with their market and transact their services. Dentistry has not been immune to the profound effect the digital world has had on how local enterprises market and grow their businesses.
How to ensure a successful bond with Futurabond DC One of the most important aspects in the success of a restoration is the bond between the tooth and the restoration. There are many luting agents currently on the market with differing formats of adhesion and techniques for use.
One Year Later, Part 2 With summer coming to an end and the start of yet another busy fall, we are reminded of how another year has passed with just a blink of the eye. As we prepare to finish out the rest of 2014, we are reminded of the constant changes that we face in both our personal and professional lives.  
Why you should consider Kerr's Demi Ultra curing lightGuy G. Levy, DDS is a general dentist in Yorktown, Va. At his  restorative and family dental practice, Levy Dental Group, he aims to provide compassionate and cutting-edge care. I recently spoke with Dr.
Cloudy with a chance of computing In the last couple of years, almost every tech lover, from the casual user to the hardcore gear head, has been inundated with a serious dose of “The Cloud”.  
Accurate impressions: One clinician's take on the benefits of DENTSPLY Caulk's Aquasil Ultra Cordless system In this Product Double-Take,  DPR talks to Dr. Cynthia Schuler about her experiences with the ergonomic benefits and other perks of the DENTSPLY Caulk Aquasil Ultra Cordless tissue managing impression system — and how it has made her job that much easier.
Exposing the risks of dental tourism Dental systems research firm Software Advice recently shared the opportunity for dental practices to communicate the risk of traveling abroad for dental care to patients. As “dental tourism” becomes a growing trend in the U.S., Software Advice surveyed a random sample of 1,155 U.S. patients to see which patients are most likely to travel for dental care, and what might cause them to reconsider. Check out the survey results...
Discussing current hot topics in dental infection control On the cusp of the organization’s 30th anniversary, OSAP’s thought leaders sat down again with Dental Products Report for a candid roundtable discussion on how far infection control has come in the dental industry … and how far it still has to go.  
How to cement posterior crowns with 3M ESPE cements [VIDEO] When it comes to the cementation of indirect restorations, there are many factors to consider. Sufficient working time, handling properties, ease of residual cement clean-up, color stability and overall esthetics, in addition to patient comfort during the process, are all important. However, the most essential attribute a cement must have is outstanding bond strength and durability. 
How 3M ESPE cements make restorative dentistry easy [VIDEO] In this Featured Practice Profile, DPR spoke with Dr. Jeff Blank about how 3M ESPE products and cements have made it simpler than ever for his practice to provide reliable comprehensive care.
The digital dental practice: Practice websites In the digital age of dentistry, the Internet is the place where patients seek information on dental procedures and providers, select a practice, and then engage and transact with that practice. 
A need for speed: Dentrix takes practice management on the road For Dr. Todd Snyder of Laguna Niguel, Calif., speed is essential … not only in his dental practice, but also in his race car that he keeps just outside of Las Vegas.
Breakthrough expected to lead to more innovation In the August 2014 issue of Dental Products Report, we launched news of Vista Dental’s sleek-looking new product, the EndoUltra™ cordless ultrasonic endo activation device.
A dentist revitalized by CEREC and Galileos For Rich Cooper, DDS, starting his own dental practice had its challenges. When he opened West Loop Dental Associates in Chicago, Ill., in 2000, he realized how difficult it is to attract patients to a new practice versus buying a practice with an existing patient base. Despite the difficulty getting off the ground, he and his staff were highly motivated and excited about the work they were doing.