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GC America introduces G-aenial Bond Unit Dose, an addition to the highly rated G-aenial Bond. G-aenial Bond is a seventh Generation, one-step self-etching bonding agent that builds upon the excellent history of bonding materials from GC America. This product was designed specifically for the “selective etching” technique, meaning that bond strengths will be enhanced no matter what technique (self-etch or dentin or etch-and-rinse on enamel) professionals use. With improved shear bond strength to both dentin and enamel, this is an excellent choice for all of bonding needs.
G-aenial Bond is part of a three-product family for restorative dentistry, including G-aenial Universal Flo and G-aenial Flo.


• Effective, easy to use options for patients who do not floss
• Dispensing box includes a total of 84 pieces
• Contains a variety of GUM® Proxabrush® Go-Betweens® Cleaners, Soft-Picks®, ButlerWeave® Floss and Eez-Thru® Flossers

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Patient Tip of the Day

Did you ever hear the axiom “you can’t be a little bit pregnant?” In other words, someone either is or is not expecting. There is no in between.The same is true for most dental disease.

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Dental Product News and Reviews

Product News
  • Kerr's Demi Ultra LED curing light
    compiled by Amanda Ellis
    Guy G. Levy, DDS is a general dentist in Yorktown, Va. At his  restorative and family dental practice, Levy Dental Group, he aims to provide compassionate and cutting-edge care. I recently spoke with Dr.
  • Bubbles on hand after hand washing
    Noel Kelsch RDH RDHAP AS BS
    One of the most interesting parts of infection control is that as studies continue to enlighten, best practices continue to evolve. Balancing knowledge and actions means you have to stay up to date. One evolving infection control issue is hand hygiene. Dental professionals may consider using hand sanitizers because they appear to save time compared to hand washing and can be used frequently. But can hand sanitizers replace handwashing?
  • Filtek Bulk Fill posterior restorative
    New 3M ESPE Filtek Bulk Fill Posterior Restorative promises faster and easier procedures as a one-step placement bulk fill material that offers stress relief and excellent wear resistance, as well as the ability to place up to 5mm in one increment.
  • Image of dental office
    by Amanda Ellis
    With summer coming to an end and the start of yet another busy fall, we are reminded of how another year has passed with just a blink of the eye. As we prepare to finish out the rest of 2014, we are reminded of the constant changes that we face in both our personal and professional lives. In order to help you embrace changes in the realm of dental products, we sat down with 12 different dental professionals and discussed 12 products they have utilized in their practice over the last year. Here’s how those products have helped these practices move forward, making sure that even as another year passes, these practices are able to prepare for and meet the future head-on ...
  • Arrow going a different direction
    By Patti DiGangi and Shirley Gutkowski
    Dentistry is now serving four or more generations with two or three generations working in the practice. All of us are aging and, as we age, the real danger is thinking old. For dental hygiene professionals to succeed in the 21st century, it is essential to become a modern millennial hygienist (MMH). It is not age-based, it’s attitude-based. MMH challenges our brains to use higher level revolutionary thinking.
  • dental digital radiography
    Compiled by Michael Quirk
    DPR presents the first in a two part series examining the latest and greatest in digital radiography, including must-have products and the best practices for your practice.  
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