If your patients think dental offices are scary now, show them what their ancestors had to endure.
Is fear keeping patients away from your practice?
With more patients seeking out digital dental technology, digital dentures may soon become the norm.
Want to step up your costume game this year? Check out these toothy options!
Showcasing this year's winning products and the impact they're making on the industry.
In an era where private practice ownership is declining, more dentists are banding together to fight insurance companies and dental groups.
Infections can spread within a matter of seconds. Follow these steps to protect yourself when treating patients.
What you need to know to enhance the patient experience and improve the workflow at your office.
Rounding up some of the top products on the market.
The rise of DSOs has many solo practitioners nervous — but what does the future really hold?
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Henry Schein announces exclusive distribution agreement with Sprig Oral Health Technologies
Henry Schein announces exclusive ...

Henry Schein will distribute Sprig’s portfolio of products to help its customers place crowns that look and function just ...

World Health Organization official ...
The fascinating history of dentures
How to treat pain caused by trigger ...
How to perform closed crown lengthening with an all-tissue CO2 laser
How to perform closed crown ...

A demonstration of how to remove both soft tissue and bone using a Solea® dental laser.

How to use 3D printing to simplify ...
How to master single-unit crown ...
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