Many dentists still prefer analog impressions — but a lot still goes wrong.
Examining how technology is helping more general dentists delve into implant dentistry.
Exploring the advantages and disadvantages of using SDF for specific patient populations.
How the Minamata Convention is prepping the world of dentistry for an amalgam-free future.
Taking a look at some of the top options on the market.
Serving more than 1 million customers in the U.S., Amazon Business is changing the way dentists think about purchasing dental supplies.
Although the significance of good infection control should be obvious, a refresher is always helpful.
More patients are requesting veneers, so here’s how you can ensure that the process goes smoothly.
Rounding up some of the top dental materials on the market.
Examining the past, present and future of composites.
Equipment & Supplies
Solve my problem: Correcting bad tooth brushing habits
Solve my problem: Correcting bad ...

How the Amabrush can be used to efficiently clean teeth and gums — all in just 10 seconds.

Anatotemp announces 4Side ...
J. Morita announces Tri Auto ZX2
Brasseler USA introduces C-Series ...
News & Business
How to use optimized VPS materials effectively
How to use optimized VPS materials ...

No matter how advanced digital dentistry gets, nothing can replace well-utilized optimized VPS materials.

How to create restorations that look ...
How to create smooth acrylic ...
Emerging Research
Can tooth loss lead to cardiovascular disease?
Can tooth loss lead to ...

New research shows a link between middle-aged tooth loss and an increased cardiovascular disease risk.

Study identifies effective ...
Does periodontal disease cause eye ...
Is wine a good mouthwash?

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