While you may think sci-fi and imagination when you hear about artificial intelligence, the future of AI in dentistry is very, very real.
How does your state stack up against the competition?
Why advances in materials and technique are leading to more reliable outcomes.
Hygienists share what they wish they could tell their patients during an appointment.
Why minimizing infection risk is vital to you, your practice and your patients.
Rounding up some of the top instrument processing products on the market.
Why dental professionals shouldn't use these products more than once.
Taking a look at the role the dental industry plays in the opioid overdose crisis and what dentists can do about it.
While dental practices do their best to stay in OSHA’s good graces, these are some common mistakes that offices can make.
Though unintentional, the prescribing patterns of dentists can contribute to allergic reactions and antibiotic overuse.
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How to use a novel glass fiber post system for tricky restorations
How to use a novel glass fiber post ...

Atypical root canal anatomy can make for difficult restorations, but new materials can help.

How to do direct restorations ...
How to simplify overdenture ...
Emerging Research
Study shows toothpaste alone doesn’t protect enamel or prevent erosion
Study shows toothpaste alone doesn’t ...

A team of researchers analyzed nine toothpastes on the market that claimed to have desensitizing or anti-erosive properties.

Can tooth loss lead to ...
Study identifies effective ...
Does periodontal disease cause eye ...

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