Want to avoid a visit from OSHA at your lab? Here's what you need to know.
For every good idea on the web, there are thousands of bad ones. These are some of the worst pieces of denture advice we've ever seen.
An in-office dental lab technician benefits everyone in the dental practice, from patient to doctor to the technician.
Using modern materials and techniques allows for cost savings and superior dentures.
It's no secret that implants are here to stay — but are you getting as much out of them as you can?
Some of the DE editor’s favorite digital techniques ever.
From hybrid zirconias to 3D printed materials, there's no shortage of options at a lab's disposal.
Esthetics and durability are no longer mutually exclusive, and these real-world examples prove it.
Looking for a new job? Itching for a move? You might want to avoid these states.
From new 3D printers to advancements in the digital workflow, Lab Day Chicago proved the lab industry is booming.
Patterson Dental announces distribution agreement with Dental Intelligence
Patterson Dental announces ...

Patterson Dental will be the exclusive distributor of a new mobile app and reporting product bundle.

BlueIQ announces release of Insights
Dentsply Sirona unveils SureSmile ...
How to get your practice in the blue ...
Top 5 temporaries techniques
Top 5 temporaries techniques

Temporaries are an important part of any lab’s technical skill profile. These five techniques will help you improve those ...

How to use 3D printing to simplify ...
How to create more esthetic restorations
How to create strong restorations ...

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