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How to replace implant supported PFM crowns using BISCO dental adhesives [VIDEO] Dr. Joseph Kim shares a case study where he demonstrates the replacement of two implant supported PFM crowns using BISCO ® dental adhesive.  
AGD Creates International Membership CategoryThe Academy of General Dentistry is pleased to announce the creation of a new international membership category beginning October 2014. The new category is in response to the many requests the AGD receives from dentists around the world who share in AGD’s values, goals and mission.
Problem-solver: DENTSPLY Caulk’s Aquasil Ultra Cordless impression systemWhen Dr. Mary Ann Hollis started having some problems with her crowns not seating properly, she began to experience some stress and even began to wonder if her current laboratory was not doing a great job.
I Use That: Sesame Communications and Healthgrades In this installment of “I Use That,” we asked Dr. Gary Yanowitz and his office manager, Maria Scheer, about their use of Sesame Communications and Healthgrades.
Double Take: DenMat PeriOptix In this Double Take, DPR sat down with Dr. Gena Schultheis to hear why she loves using PeriOptix from DenMat.    
I Use That: DEXIS DEXshield In this installment of “I Use That,” we asked Dr. Jeffrey Dalin and his dental assistant Janet Eaton about their use of the new DEXIS DEXshield. The staff at Dalin Dental Associates in St. Louis has used the technology since it was introduced earlier this year and is quite happy with the results.  
One year later: 15 products that have made a difference It’s amazing how things can change in the span of one year. Think about where you were as the summer started winding down last year and the changes you have seen in your personal and professional life.  
Why eight different dentists chose eight different handpieces In this edition of Category Cruncher, we decided to focus on handpieces because they are vital to the success of many dental procedures.
Top 5 things every dental practice should track [VIDEO]   When I first introduce the topic of tracking software to dental practices, there are two responses I frequently encounter. Dental team members often think, “Oh no, it’s Big Brother,” while dentists wonder what a product like OnTrack can do that their existing practice management software cannot.   
With a new office space, practicing dentistry is no longer a pain in the neck.If you ask Erin Roberts, DDS, about her prior dental office she answers with a chuckle, insisting that it’s a distant memory that she tries to forget.
Why making strong bonds efficiently makes a big differenceHow using a 5th-generation technique in bonded restorations can cut down on unnecessary chair time and provide numerous benefits to patients and doctors alike.