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See the top 3M ESPE restorative products behind this thriving dental practice [VIDEO]When patients walk into Ritter & Ramsey General and Cosmetic Dentistry in Jupiter, Fla., the friendly staff expects them to be a little wowed with the elegant look and feel, and with the best dental technology around.
Dental practice efficiency starts at your front deskI’ve been working as office director for 16 years and have seen many changes in the dental administrative process from paper appointment books and photocopy billing to digital everything! My employer, Dr. Edward Chipps, runs a very busy general and restorative practice, and we all strive to make the best use of our time.
How to use clear aligner therapy to treat severe crowding [VIDEO]Clear aligner therapy has been a growing option for patients who simply cannot tolerate or who deny fixed appliances.
How to use SDI's Aura universal composite to correct esthetics [VIDEO]While the results of orthodontic treatment usually bring big smiles and straighter teeth, there are some side effects that can go along with treatment as well. 
Inside Look: Diagnostics, efficiency, patient care at its bestThe DEXIS Platinum sensor was introduced in 2009 following the great success of the DEXIS Classic sensor. Since that time, the Platinum sensor and the DEXIS digital X-ray system as a whole, have gained many awards from well-respected dental publications, dental researchers, dental technology experts, and very importantly, peer-elected programs.
How to restore mandibular anterior teethRecent reports and surveys affirm the importance of the teeth and smile to overall facial esthetics.1,2  As the world’s population ages, it seems that more people are keeping their natural teeth into their later years.3 
For New Jersey children, Smile Central is an invaluable ally in the fight against caries [VIDEO] It’s truly amazing what a difference one person can make. One person with a positive attitude, a vision and a desire to serve others can inspire a whole team of people to do great things. At Smile Central Dental P.C. in Paterson, N.J., Cecilia Mescain is that person. She is not only the COO, she’s a visionary who inspired one dentist to leave the practice they both worked at to open Smile Central together in 2004.