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How to create accurate crown and bridge impressions with Aquasil Ultra [VIDEO]Despite advancements in almost every facet of impression-making, from materials to hemostatic agents to cords and retraction paste, achieving accurate impressions of crown and bridge preparations can be frustrating for practicing dentists.
How DEXIS go® helps this patient feel more comfortable at the dentistFind out how DEXIS go helps this patient better understand what’s happening in her mouth, making her more comfortable while at the dentist.
Are you using too many chemicals in your dental practice?
Review: Why Catapult Group evaluators would convert to Bisco's DUO-LINKIs DUO-LINK different enough in the adhesive cement market to convert them to users? The overwhelming response was yes and the key was the handling.
Dr. John Flucke: Top 5 new dental product test drives of 2013I flat out cannot believe that another year has melted away that quickly. It feels like when I woke up this morning, it was Memorial Day!
How to make endodontic treatment more predictable with Komet USA’s F360™ NiTi endodontic file systemAs modern-day dentists, we are faced with a complex set of treatment decisions, compelling us to continually weigh the available therapeutic choices as we push toward optimal patient care combined with efficient and profitable clinical practices.
Top 5 signs you need a marketing consultantMarketing not a priority in your practice? Here are five ways a dental marketing consultant can help change that.
I Use That: SonicFill from KerrIn this installment of “I Use That,” we asked Dr. Eric Hurtte and his lead dental assistant, Tija Hunter, CDA, EFDA, FADAA, about their use of SonicFill from Kerr.