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Product Review: How the VELscope VX can help save lives in your dental practiceDr. Jean Wu tells us why she thinks dentists should use the VELscope VX in every oral examination.
Top 5 reasons to use Flow Dental’s Safe’n’Sure OPT psp envelopes in your practiceWe tell you the benefits of these easy-to-use protective covers from Flow Dental.
Dental Implants: The role they play in patients' health and happinessAs dental implants continue to grow in popularity and usage, it’s important to take a step back and look at the importance of education and trust.
Review: TPH Spectra universal composite offers excellent opacities in less procedure time"The resulting translucencies, opacities and subtle chroma value of TPH Spectra composite were excellent and, best of all, the patient loved the result and could not believe how little time the entire procedure took to complete.”
How to bond with optimal results in 6 easy stepsCheck out these two clinical examples that illustrate how Futurabond U can be used clinically to achieve outstanding results.
5 ways Patterson Dental's Eaglesoft 17 can simplify your daily routineFrom customized medical history to more frequent updates, here are five reasons you may want to add Patterson Dental's Eaglesoft 17 practice management software to your practice.
How to achieve a simpler bond with BISCO’s eCEMENT™ [VIDEO]Over the past several years, there has been widespread adoption of lithium disilicate based restorations (e.g. IPS e.max®*) by the restorative dental community. Previously, restorative dentists were limited in their material selection depending on the need for strength or esthetics. Now, this proven material allows clinicians to address most situations without sacrificing strength or beauty.
REVIEW: How DEXIS® Digital Imaging System can improve case acceptance in your practice [VIDEO]Dr. Gerald Bittner, Jr. on how DEXIS® Digital Imaging System has benefited his patients and his practice.
How complete technology solutions have helped this practice succeed [VIDEO]How three technologies from Biolase—WaterLase iPlus, NewTom VGi and the 3Shape TRIOS—have positioned Golan Family Dentistry as a leading-edge practice that puts optimal patient care and comfort first.
How new Imprint 4 VPS Impression Material creates fast, accurate impressions [VIDEO]Dr. Ben Miraglia has used 3M ESPE’s Imprint VPS impression materials in his practice for as long as he can remember.
Top 5 reasons dentists should get socialAre you using social media to promote your dental practice? If not, here are 5 reasons you should be.
How to create highly esthetic monolithic zirconia crowns in 8 simple steps3M ESPE’s Lava Plus High Translucency Zirconia offers both outstanding esthetics and strength.  
5 reasons to try Dentsply Professional's Cavitron® FITGRIP™ Ultrasonic Inserts in your practiceThese ergonomic ultrasonic inserts from Dentsply Professional are designed to give you a better grip. 
Why you should try a “Dual Digital” approach to radiography [VIDEO]With the availability of ultra-compact, low-cost, flexible phosphor sensor units like Air Techniques’ ScanX® Swift, clinicians should try this approach.
Learn how to manage the special needs of ortho patients in the general practiceOrthodontic patients present unique challenges for the general dental practice. And according to Carolyn Friedman, founder of the orthodontic training company, OrthoAssist, these challenges are made more troublesome when dental hygienists, dental assistants and general dentists don’t understand the unique needs of orthodontic patients.
How to take accurate photographs and impressions for Invisalign TreatmentAlign Technology's Invisalign SmartTrack aligner material is designed to more precisely conform to tooth morphology, attachments and interproximal spaces for improved control of tooth movement.