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Take a closer look at these ‘Best of Class’ Pride Nominee products [VIDEO]Chosen by a distinguished panel comprised of some of the most forward-looking dentists in the industry, this year’s winners were narrowed down after lively debate.
How to grow your practice with the WaterLase iPlus dental laser [VIDEO]You want to provide the best care possible, and give patients a reason to come back to your practice. You need to find a way to set yourself apart, to get patients talking about your practice and the great experience they had while there.
Dental Cement Guide: Understanding the science behind the productsWith the use of newer materials on the rise, the world of cements (luting agents) in dentistry has rapidly evolved to meet the needs of today’s practitioners. It’s more critical now to understand the science behind the products and behind the materials, and to know just what you can expect from the products you use.
How to adjust and polish full-contour zirconia crowns using Komet USA's LD0707 system"The LD0707 proprietary system from Komet USA offers the instruments necessary for adjusting occlusion and reconfiguring the luster of zirconia restorations."
REVIEW: Why you should consider using RelyX Luting Plus Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Cement in your practiceDr. Christopher Ramsey's take on 3M ESPE’s RelyX Luting Plus Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Cement.
Top 5 benefits of Pelton & Crane's Spirit 3000 dental chairFrom enhanced ergonomics to pleased patients, here are 5 reasons to consider the Spirit 3000 dental chair for your practice.
How PermaCem 2.0 provides outstanding adhesive strength to zirconia"PermaCem 2.0’s innovative molecular structure helps produce the highest shear bond to strength to zirconia of any other leading self-adhesive cement ... ."
Permanent Cements Product Manager: ‘Nexus RMGI the least technique sensitive cement on the market’ [VIDEO]"Nexus RMGI’s Nexus Technology provides improved cleanup and esthetics while its dual adhesive technology drives its bond strengths to all substrates."
Ceramir® Crown and Bridge changing the cement category with its bioceramic qualities"Ceramir is ideal to work with—no need for bonding, etching, primers, silane or special cleaners."
How 3M™ ESPE™ RelyX™ Ultimate cement offers industry leading bond strength"RelyX Ultimate cement has greatly simplified the adhesive cementation process by reducing the number of components used to only require two steps ..."
Top 5 ways to keep handpieces like newFollow these tips, from proper sterilization to proper maintenance, to keep your handpieces working like the first day you got them.
Two Minutes With Gary Severance, DDS, chief marketing officer of D4D TechnologiesThis quick interview provides a look at the company's new E4D NEVO Scanner and Design Center. 
How BISCO’s eCEMENT™ can simplify cement selection and procedures"BISCO offers a broad array of cementation products, all designed for optimum performance in the patients’ mouths."
5 reasons you can't afford to miss Destination Education 2013 [VIDEO]Can you afford it? 5 reasons you can’t afford to miss it!
A behind the scenes look at DDS Rescue from Liptak Dental ServicesAn interview with Liptak Dental Services President/CEO Kenny Schwing about the development process behind DDS Rescue, a data recovery solution.
Top 5 reasons Colgate® PreviDent® 5000 Booster Plus is perfect for your patientsThere are many prescription-strength toothpastes on the market, but what can one offer over another?  DPR lists the top five reasons Colgate PreviDent 5000 Booster Plus is the ideal choice for many dental practitioners and their patients.
REVIEW: How to help patients achieve optimal oral health with CariFree from Oral BioTechCariFree treatment helped this patient finally realize a healthy mouth she isn’t afraid to show off.
REVIEW: eCement kit has everything needed to successfully cement lithium disilicate restorationsDr. David Hornbrook gives his firsthand account of BISCO's eCement ...
Top 5 benefits of Bisco's eCementWhy you should consider incorporating Bisco's eCement adhesive cementation system for lithium disilicate restorations in your practice.
How Multilink Automix promotes an easy placement procedure"Multilink Automix is a universal adhesive luting-composite system that can be used to bond all types of restorative materials to tooth structure."
Review: How PerioProtect Method and Perio Trays are changing the way this clinician practices dentistry [VIDEO]One clinician’s view on this customizable method to fit the needs of individual patients who are working to battle biofilm.
An inside look at Kerr’s new Demi Ultra curing light An interview with Stacy Wyatt, product manager for Kerr’s new Demi Ultra curing light about the benefits this product can bring to your patients and your practice.  
How to master the power of outsourcing your practice managementWhen it comes to implementing new business solutions, dentists have two options— hire an expert, or take the time to figure it out on their own.