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Weekly new dental products roundupThis weeks roundup features a handful of items to help make your practice perfect. Check out the links to the complete articles on each one and the roundup video that follow. Secure-Mail Brightsquid
How to use liner to protect pulp [VIDEO]DPR has launched a new eNewsletter: Technique Geek. Each week, we'll feature a video technique of a product in use, offering step-by-step examples of clinical success. Subscribe here to make sure you receive them all.
New dental product: OptraSculpt Pad by Ivoclar VivadentDesigned for the non-stick placement of composite materials, the Optrasculpt Pad is said to allow composite filling material to be placed and shaped with ease and efficiency.
New dental product: DAYGUARD appliance by Northeast LaboratoryThe DAYGUARD appliance is designed for patients who grind during the day. Constructed on the lower arch, it is said to be the most comfortable appliance to wear for day-time use.
6 ways to boost your practice's efficiency [VIDEO]Products, procedures and best practices to help you maximize your time and your team’s productivity.
New dental product: Biodentine 5-Pack from SeptodontDesigned for use in the operatory, the BiodentineTM 5-Pack is described as an all-in-one dentin replacement material that is bioactive and biocompatible. It can be used in the crown and root wherever dentin is damaged. Indications include restoring deep carries, pulp capping, pulpotomies, perforations, and internal/external resorptions.
Technique Step-by-Step: How to place monolithic compositesIn today’s dental market, there’s a choice of many different composites. Some composites are universal, some indicated for anterior restorations, and others are made strictly for direct posterior restorations.1
How x-tra base takes the guess work out of placing bulk filled materialsA Q&A with William Paveletz, DMD Clinical Educator for VOCO AMERICA.
How to acheive reliable "wow" whitening results for your patientsLooking for reliable whitening? Here are 5 reasons to try the KöR Whitening System in your practice.
New dental product: Patient Activator mobile app by 1-800-DENTISTAvailable at no cost, the Patient Activator mobile app is said to provide the software’s most-used features. Those include: letting dentists quickly review all scheduled appointments, follow-up with patients and review their online ratings and reviews. The help screen also makes it easy to connect to the Patient Activator team for unlimited live support. An interface for doctor-to-patient calls lets doctors instantly dial patients with upcoming appointments or check on recovering patients with a single tap. 1-800-DENTIST
How laser dentistry has changed the way one family thinks about going to the dentistPatient Perspective is an opportunity for patients to share their thoughts on the latest technology and materials.
New dental product: Practice Vision from T2 Consulting, Inc.Send a message in your reception area using Practice Vision which is used to emphasize the meaningful benefits of your practice. It can be integrated into a reception area TV, website and iPad. Design and creative costs are included. The service is designed to focus on what matters most to your patients, what they need to know and why your practice is best at delivering it. Using creative design, a tasteful marketing presentation of your services and memorable qualities of your practice is produced.
Roland DWX-50 Milling Machine will be on demo at IDS '13Roland has announced that its DWX-50 dental milling machine will be demonstrated in stands L40 and M41 in Hall 3.1 at the International Dental Show (IDS), in Cologne, Germany.
New dental product: CLEARFIL™ MAJESTY ES-2 Classic by KurarayCLEARFIL™ MAJESTY ESTHETIC has been renamed CLEARFIL™ MAJESTY ES-2 Classic composite. The composite is available in 16 VITA-approved shades with light diffusion, or LD technology, to create restorations that are said to be virtually invisible, to make shade-matching simple with a single shade. The composite is available in syring ore in PLT preloaded tip and is easy to shape and polish. It can be used in mono- or multi-layer techniques. Kuraray
Product Review: One doctor's take on Johnson-Promident's single use diamond composite polisherWe give you an inside look at this polisher and why one dentist loves it above all others.
How to get dependable results in less time with GC America's EQUIA Rapid Restorative SystemThinking about investing in a new bulk fill restorative system? Here are 5 reasons to consider GC America's EQUIA.
New dental product: ClearTemp LC by Ultradent Products, Inc.Specifically for temporary veneers, ClearTemp LC temporary cement is said to be engineered with precisely the right strength to ensure that temporary veneers will not fall off between appointments. The light-cured resin formula is both strong and esthetic. The translucent shade won’t show through temporary veneers, to help the clinician create a short-term smile for patients. It will adhere more to the provisional than the tooth, minimizing time and effort to remove it from the preparation.
New dental product: Cosmic Nee-Noggs™ Face Shields by PracticonSaid to be ideal for use when treating young, anxious patients, cute Cosmic Nee-Noggs™ Face Shields from Practicon provide facial protection from chairside splash and airborne hazards. Lightweight, non-distorting plastic shield has a fog-resistant coating on both sides to help maintain a clear view. Thick, foam brow seal supports shield over glasses and maintains cool airflow. The shields are available in half- or full-face styles with either a soft, non-latex elastic headband or Velcro closure. Practicon
Drs. outline impressive ROI with these two CAD/CAM productsThere are a variety of factors that recommend CAD/CAM as a technology of choice for those looking for a good return on investment. Realizing that return hinges on a rather unpredictable variable: the user.
Weekly new dental products roundupGadgets, apps and helpful accessories are all part of this edition of the Weekly new dental products roundup. Use the links that follow to read the complete information on each product and don't forget to give the video a look. Mr. Thirsty® Comfort Kit Zirc Co.
New dental product: Zenostar by Assured Dental LaboratoryThe 100% full-milled Zenostar pure zirconia crown with no porcelain overlay for no porcelain fractures is said to cost less than half that of a gold crown. The esthetic alternative to gold restorations and PFM offers 1,200 MPa flexural strength, conventional chamfer prep and cementation and exceptional marginal fit. It is indicated for single posterior crowns and crowns with limited occlusal clearance. Assured Dental Laboratory 877-283-5351
New dental product: Sensibles by Flow DentalAll-in-one SensiblesTM sensor bite blocks capture bite-wing images. A ratcheting mechanism adjusts to form a custom-fit around any size sensor and the bite-wing block slides into the mid-line position. The complete color-coded universal sensor holder system includes bite blocks for anterior, posterior and bite-wing imaging as well as aiming rings and alignment arms. Images produced using the device are said to always be in parallel alignment. Flow Dental
Top 5 ways to keep your hands healthyThe List: Quick bites for team development and practice success
A personal story of dental product excellenceAn inside look at DENTSPLY Professional/Midwest's approach to R&D.
REVIEW: How the Sterisil System can improve your practice's water qualityDr. Gregory Solich's take on the Sterisil System water purification system.
How to create the ultimate dental practice websiteThink your website is in need of an update? These tips will help you create a robust website designed to draw patients to your dental practice.
REVIEW: Venus Bulk Fill provides the ideal restoration componentsDr. Andrew Shannon reviews his use of Venus Bulk Fill.
Technique Step-by-Step: How to cement restorationsToday’s dentistry allows us to offer a multitude of dental restorations to our patients. Our challenge as dentists is finding a predictable cementation protocol that will work with a majority of these restorations and also one that’s simple and stress-free.
Weekly new dental products roundupThis week's roundup features everything from microbial testing strips and flavored prophy powder to disposable air/water syringe tips and fluoride-free natural whitening toothpaste and even an educational CD about accountability. Following are the links to the complete articles and the weekly roundup video. Sporicidin Microbial Testing Strips Hager Worldwide
Composite Roundup: The basics of bulk fillDPR’s March composite round-up focuses on ground-breaking bulk fills.
New dental product: Secure-Mail by BrightsquidThe Secure-Mail messaging system for dental professionals is said to be compliant with patient privacy legislation. The system enables the secure exchange of patient information between dentists, specialists and dental labs that operates as traditional email. Secure-Mail is part of the Dental Link platform, to simplify communication.
NuSmile Pediatric Crowns launches NuSmile Try-In Crowns for kidsDescribed as an evolutionary step forward for pediatric dentistry, NuSmile Try-In Crowns are easy-to-use and ensure a successful restoration every time they are used.
3M ESPE’s RelyX Ultimate Adhesive Resin Cement: A cement for nearly any indirect indicationThe benefits of 3M ESPE’s RelyX Ultimate Adhesive Resin Cement and why you might want to incorporate it into your practice.
3 reasons to incorporate the iTero imaging system into your practiceThe iTero® imaging system is now available as a single hardware platform with software options for restorative and orthodontic procedures. Here are just a few reasons you might want to incorporate this improved powder-free system from Align Technology into your practice.
New dental product: XyliMelts® from OraHealthXyliMelts® for dry mouth are all-natural oral adhering discs that time release 500mg of Xylitol and oral lubricant. They are for use during the day or at night when sleeping to help reduce tooth decay and dry mouth. The discs stick to gums or teeth. They are said to provide long-lasting relief (all night when sleeping), freshen breath, stimulate saliva and are useable with CPAP machines. The discs are available in mild mint and mint-free flavors. OraHealth
How to help patients create good homecare habitsHomecare is key to oral health success, but the trick is getting patients to follow through. Here’s how to not only find out what they need, but how to get them to comply.
REVIEW: SonicFill has 'changed the way I view operative dentistry'Dr. Michael J. Scoles gives his firsthand opinion of Kerr’s SonicFill composite.
REVIEW: Why SureFil SDR flow is a game-changing productSureFil SDR flow has been a game changer in the placement of Class I and II posterior composites. Research shows that the proximal box is the area where the negative effects of polymerization shrinkage are most significant.
REVIEW: Bisco's TheraCal LC will 'replace current lining, pulp capping materialThe Catapult Group and Key Opinion Leaders review this pulp capping material and liner.
How digital impressions play an important role in clear aligner systemsA recent study by the Levin Group suggests integrating Align’s iTero digital impression technology into an Invisalign practice, digital scanning can almost immediately become a revenue-positive part of your practice.
REVIEW: A full-circle look at Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill from the doctor to the marketLearn why Dr. Michael R. Sesemann says he'll never go back to other composites after using Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill. Plus, get industry insight on the product from Chet Spivey, Director of Marketing at Ivoclar Vivadent.
New dental product: Bosworth Prophy Powder by The Bosworth CompanyThree flavors have been added Bosworth® Prophy Powder line. The powder is now available in strawberry, raspberry and lemon-lime. It is said to be less abrasive than prophy paste and easily removes stain, plaque, soft debris and orthodontic cement. The powder continues to be available in orange, grape and mint flavors. The Bosworth Company 800-323-4352
Interpreting IDS 2013 for the DPR audienceOn the industry side of the dental business, I feel like there are two distinct camps: Those who have been to the International Dental Society meeting in Cologne, Germany, and those who haven’t.
New dental product: Accountability audio CD from CareCreditThe complimentary “Accountability = Energized Teams and Satisfied Patients” audio CD features Dr. Rhonda Savage, Chief Operating Officer of Miles Global, a practice management consulting firm serving dentists. Savage shares her four-step system of empowering accountability and outlines how daily coaching is a cornerstone of better team communication. She also details the proven “feel, felt, and found” technique, which can be used to enhance communication between team members and with patients.
New dental product: Sporicidin Microbial Testing Strips from Hager WorldwideSporicidin Microbial Testing Strips are said to be fast, easy, and accurate tools for detecting potential microorganisms on many common interior surfaces. The testing strips can be used as a screening tool for quickly testing the potential presence of microbial growth such as bacteria, mold, fungi, blood and body fluids, as well as many typical allergens. They also can be used for post verification of the cleaning process. Hager Worldwide 800-328-2335
New dental product: Seal & Shine by Dental Ventures of AmericaSeal & Shine spray is said to seal the tissue surfaces of a denture and other acrylic appliances from bacteria and plaque. The spray leaves the treated surfaces smooth to increase fit and provide a high level of luster to enhance the appearance of the final product. It is easy-to-use and chemically bonds to all types of acrylic resin, eliminating peeling of the treated areas. Dental Ventures of America 800-228-6696
Are you sure about your cure?How Ultradent Products Inc.’s VALO cordless curing light satisfies the criteria necessary for today’s clinicians.
REVIEW: How 3M Filtek Bulk Fill meets my patients' esthetic needsDr. Fred S. Margolis explains how Filtek™ Bulk Fill Flowable Restorative meets the esthetic needs of all patients.
5 things you need to know about bulk fillKerr gives you the lowdown on bulk fill and its SonicFill composite in 5 steps
7 more tips to ramp up your time management skills [VIDEO]Products, procedures and best practices to help you maximize your time and your team’s productivity.
How to use a hybrid implant to rebuild an archDPR has launched a new eNewsletter: Technique Geek. Each week, we'll feature a video technique of a product in use, offering step-by-step examples of clinical success. Subscribe here to make sure you receive them all.
New dental product: Tom’s of Maine Botanically Bright by Tom's of MaineSLS-free and fluoride-free Tom’s of Maine Botanically Bright toothpaste reportedly whitens teeth with natural foaming action and great taste. Blended botanicals including chamomile and organic aloe with mint flavors and the natural sweetner steveia (a plaque-acid reducer) leaves mouths fresh and clean. Naturally-sourced silicas help whiten teeth without bleaching ingredients. The 4.7-ounce tubes of toothpaste is available in spearment with aloe and chamomile and peppermint with Xylitol and propolis flavors.
Weekly new dental products roundupWhat has oral care and whitening products, a grinding prevention appliance, a composite sculpting tool. try-in crowns for young patients, and an in-practice marketing system? This edition of the Weekly new dental products roundup of course. For more information on these products, read on, use the links to more details about each one and check out the roundup video.
New dental product: Venus White Line by HeraeusThe scope of the Venus White line has been expanded to include four new oral care and whitening products. Venus White Teeth Whitening Touch-Up Brush is described as a convenient, reusable pen that makes it easy to help maintain a white smile.
New dental product: SEAL-TIGHT® SPECTRUM by TotalCareOffered in 8 assorted colors, SEAL-TIGHT® SPECTRUM disposable air/water syringe tips are said to deliver dry air on demand, reduce cross contamination and eliminate sterilization time. The interlock system, through the Seal-Tight Adapter, eliminates wear-and-tear at the insertion point of the air/water syringe and ensures a fresh seal with each tip. The tips can be bent to a 90° angle without affecting water flow and they easily retract lips and cheeks without bending. TotalCare
How the concept of Lighthouse 360's patient communication system became a popular realityLighthouse 360 may have officially launched in 2008, but the story behind this patient communication system began in the 1990s, when two of the co-owners, Joel Kozikowski and Brian Smith, co-authored the practice management system PracticeWorks. Here, Kozikowski takes us back through that development process and his role in Lighthouse 360’s success.
The benefits of an all-in-one wireless loupe and headlightOrascoptic's XV1 wireless loupe and headlight allows dental professionals to deliver optimal procedural outcomes with greater ease and less strain.