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New dental product: CS Practiceworks v7.5 by Carestream DentalThe updated CS PracticeWorks v7.5 practice management software includes two new eServices that are said to streamline reimbursement and online patient registration. ePostings streamlines the process of receiving and posting reimbursements from insurance carriers, removing the need to decipher detailed paper EOBs. eForms allows patients to complete registration paperwork online at home or at a computer when they arrive for their appointments.
I Made That: DEXIS Imaging Suite 10.0.4DEXIS launched the DEXIS® Imaging Suite 10.0.4 in October 2012, at the ADA Annual Session in San Francisco.
New dental product: DD Sinus Lift™ Kit by OCO BioMedical Inc.The DD Sinus Lift Kit™ contains all the instruments needed to perform a sinus lift procedure using the crestal approach. The technique allows for permeation of the blood supply from the osteotomy into the sinus cavity for enhanced healing and formation of new bone. All components in the kit are labeled for easy removal and return to the tray after autoclaving. There also is an extra compartment underneath the caddy for additional instruments. OCO BioMedical Inc.
Handpieces: Size does matterHear from Dr. Howard Glazer and Bien-Air USA General Manager Arthur Mateen on the MX2 Micro-Series handpiece from Bien-Air.
THE LIST: Top 3 ways to motivate your staffThis new feature, promoted in print and online, is designed to offer quick bites for team development and practice success. We highlight best practices and best products in Top 3, Top 5 and Top 7 lists so that you can take the advice and be nimble in integrating into your practice. 1. Offer S.M.A.R.T. incentives.
New dental product: iNDi Night Guards® by Posca Brothers Dental LabiNDi Night Guards® indicate to both the patient and the dental professional when the night guard needs to be replaced. Once the patient has bruxed to the indication pad in the night guard, contact will cause a rip, tear or marking. This allows the patient enough time to schedule an appointment to have a new night guard fabricated before the current one is worn through and jeopardizes their teeth. The night guards are available in three types: iNDi Hard, iNDi Ply and iNDi Soft. Posca Brothers Dental Lab
Category Round-Up: HandpiecesOver the last decade many new technologies have been incorporated into dental practices including digital impression systems, diode lasers, digital radiography, LED curing lights, and caries detection devices, yet many individuals are using the exact same handpiece they have always used. Most likely this is an air-driven handpiece with a high pitched whistle and a moderate amount of torque.
New Dental Product: Planmeca ProFace from PlanmecaThe Planmeca ProFace 3D facial scanning system is an option available for the ProMax line of 3D dental imaging units. It is said to produce realistic 3D facial photos as well as traditional x-rays. One scan generates both images. Alternatively, the 3D photo can be acquired separately in a completely radiation-free process.
The automatic optimizing power of the Midwest Stylus ATCHear from DENTSPLY Midwest Marketing Director Susan Crawford and Dr. Lou Graham on the Midwest Stylus ATC.
Weekly new dental products roundupThis week's new dental products roundup features a several of web-related tools and services, an apex locator and a chairside inlay system. If you missed any of these items when they were posted individually during the week, don't worry, they're recapped here with links to the original articles. And don't forget to take a peek at the video in middle of this article. CAESY Cloud version 1.3
New dental product: Safegide guided dental surgery system by SafegideThe Safegide three-dimensional guided dental surgery system uses formulations of x-ray visible plastics molded in layers to provide anatomic information inside the jawbone when using a dental x-ray machine. It is said to reduce the technical difficulty, duration, risks and costs of introducing implant surgery to the average dental practice. Using the system, surgery is said to become accurate and predictable without the CBCT scanner or relying on a dental laboratory. The straightforward, three-step process is said to be intuitive.
REVIEW: Build-it FR — 'I wish all materials worked like this...'Dr. Norman Dahl is always on the lookout for products that make him more efficient or improve patient care. If he finds something better than what he’s currently using, he doesn’t hesitate to make the switch. But after using Pentron’s Build-It FR Core Material for nearly a decade, he doesn’t envision making a switch any time soon. Why? He simply hasn’t found anything better. Here’s why ...
New dental product: Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide Spray and Wipes from The Bosworth CompanyDesigned for use on a broad range of surfaces, Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide Spray and Wipes are ready-to-use non-bleach disinfectants. They are said to be ideal for powerful cleaning in the most sensitive patient areas. The spray and wipes have a 30-second to 1-minute kill time on most bacteria and viruses. They have a light scent are non-corrosive and provide one-step cleaning. The Bosworth Company 800-323-4352
Check out CAESY Cloud version 1.3 from Patterson Dental [VIDEO]With improved functionality and presentation updates, the CAESY Cloud version 1.3 online patient education portal features Smile Channel content, a redesigned interface, tag filtering, playlist options and more.
New dental product: Narval CC™ mandibular repositioning device by Great Lakes OrthodonticsThe CAD/CAM custom-made Narval™ CC mandibular repositioning device (MRD) is designed for patients with mild to moderate OSA, as well as those who are unable to comply to CPAP treatment. It also is a first-line treatment for snoring in the absence of OSA. The CAD/CAM technology through selective laser sintering is said to ensure a precise fit and comfortable retention, enabling a high degree of customization to suit the complex dental anatomy of individual patients.
REVIEW: Hygienist Angie Mott on the ease of ClikRay, ClikStik and ShaRing systemsI had the pleasure of meeting Tom Gillen, President /Design & Engineering for ClikTech, at the 2012 RDH Under One Roof in Las Vegas, where he was demonstrating both the ClikStik™ and the ClikRay™ system for digital and x-ray film radiography. With some hesitation I listened to what he had to say…from there my interest was sparked.
New dental product: Xyli-Spray from Hager Worldwide, Inc.Alcohol-free Xyli-Spray fresh breath spray is 100% sweetened with natural Xylitol. It is said to help with bad breath relief while also providing a convenient and easy way for patients to enjoy the dental benefits of Xylitol. Hager Worldwide, Inc. 800-328-2335
Take handpiece maintenance to the next levelFeel like your office has the basics down? There are likely many areas in your operatory that you are not considering. Remember to flush your vacuum lines on a daily basis to prevent buildup of debris inside the lines and pump. Buildup will reduce suction or damage the pump. Cleaning the vacuum valve and trap should also be done weekly. Cleaning and maintaining your dental waterlines is crucial to your overall operatory maintenance to prevent biofilm, but it also plays a role in handpiece maintenance to prevent blocked waterlines.
Your prescription for smarter marketingIt’s January, and everyone knows what that means: New Year’s resolutions. To be sure, it’s a good time for dentists to assess the status quo, evaluate both successes and failures and set specific objectives to work toward in the dental practice during the coming months. This time of year also presents an opportunity to recommit to those strategic goals that may have been pushed to the back burner as more pressing needs arose.
Weekly new dental products roundupThe Weekly new dental products roundup is roped in and ready to go. If you've missed new product information posted during the week, now's the time to catch up with links to complete articles on each product and a video featuring those products at center stage of this article. iNDi Night Guards® Posca Brothers Dental Lab
New dental product: Dentrix® MarketPlace from Henry ScheinDentrix® MarketPlace is an online store for integrated solutions, apps and other products for the Dentrix® G5 platform.
Get a first look at the new dental products that made January's coverThe January 2013 issue of DPR features four new products, including new practice management software, aligner material, a 3D scanning system, and an apex locator.
New dental product: Inclusive® Tooth Replacement Solution expanded by Glidewell LaboratoriesThe expansion of the Inclusive® Tooth Replacement Solution now accommodates a number of popular implant systems including Astra Tech, Biomet 3i, Nobel Biocare, Straumann and Zimmer. Clinicians who want to take advantage of this restorative-driven solution featuring custom tissue management, but who prefer to place their existing implant system can now prescribe the open platform solution.
REVIEW: Dr. Lisbeth Skibsted on 3Shape's TRIOS scannerAfter owning her own Denmark practice for 21 years, Dr. Lisbeth Skibsted joined a large medical practice situated in a health care building in Denmark. The complex includes 26 medical doctors, general practices, 12 physicians, chiropractors, a wide range of specialists, and her dental practice with 3 dentists, 2 hygienists and other staff. With a special interest in implants and cosmetics, Dr. Skibsted is always looking to learn about new techniques and new technologies.
Featured Practice: How technology can help build the dream dental practiceDreaming of creating a high-tech practice? Let Dr. Kristine Aadland’s high-tech success story inspire you.
New dental product: Grandio®SO Inlay System by VOCO America, Inc.The chairside Grandio®SO Inlay System is described as an all-in-one solution kit with all the matching components to fabricate 15 indirect composite inlays. The process is said to be quick, easy and saves costs of CAD/CAM equipment and lab bills. The kit reportedly can achieve the same high quality as lab or CAD/CAM produced composite inlays. Inlays also can be fabricated extraorally using the kit.
When is it time for a new handpiece?You’ve done everything right, and your handpiece has served you well, but there comes a time when a repair is no longer cost-effective. When it’s time to make a purchase, what should you consider?
10 new ways to maximize already existing items in the dental practiceDental Consultant and Office Manager Jill Nesbitt, MBA, offers up 10 fresh ways to put those older items to use in your practice.
New Dental Product: Viive Practice Management Software from Henry Schein DentalMac-based Viive practice management software features patient-centric workflow on a simple and clean platform. The new workflow takes advantage of the Mac operating system to provide access to all available management tools directly from one patient screen, streamlining task management to a single click.
New dental product: Micro EtchMaster by GromanDental.comThe unidose Micro EtchMaster powder blasting instrument is designed for pretreatment of metal, ceramic, porcelain and composite restorations. The tips do not clog and operate without overspray. They are powered by chairside air via a simple adapter. The tips are said to provide ideal surface preparation prior to sealants, composite and porcelain repairs, crowns, veneers, brackets, bonding, plus localized stain removal and surface polishing.
New dental product: Indigreen ECOtip™ Earth-Friendly High Volume Evacuator Tips by PracticonMade from renewable, sustainable paper, Indigreen ECOtip™ Earth-Friendly High Volume Evacuator Tips are a high-performance alternative to plastics. They are said to provide exceptional stiffness, durability and function. The tips have a food-grade coating that virtually eliminates moisture absorption and fraying during use. Practicon 800-959-9505  
New Dental Product: SmartTrack™ aligner material by Align Technology, Inc.Highly elastic SmartTrack™ aligner material is said to deliver gentle, more constant force to improve control of tooth movements with aligner treatment. When the aligner is stretched, the material returns more closely to the programmed aligner shape to improve tracking. 
The foundation of patient well-being starts in the chairTreating dentomandibular sensorimotor dysfunction boosts profitability and expands the dentist’s role.
New dental product: Bite Block Baggies by Flow Dental Corp.Latex-free Bite Block Baggies are designed to cover and protect the bite block, positioning arm and x-ray media from contamination. The baggies are used by assembling the x-ray, bite block and positioner and then placing those parts into the baggie. After use, rebag for the next patient. They can be used with phosphor plate and x-ray film holders, are economically priced and are packaged 500 to a box. Flow Dental Corp. 800-356-9729
An inside look at StarDental 430 Series Highspeed HandpiecesStarDental (DentalEZ Group) Senior Product Manager Rick Gross discusses how handpieces help dentists practice better clinical dentistry.
4 handpiece and small equipment tips to always keep in mindKaVo offers its handpiece experience with these four tips to always consider.
Dr. Martin Goldstein on the TwinPower Series Handpieces from J. Morita USA: "The annoying handpiece whine has been all but eliminated"Hear from Dr. Martin B. Goldstein on the TwinPower Ultra Series Handpieces from J. Morita USA.
REVIEW: Dr. Sean Vostatek says there's no competing with SDI’s Riva Luting glass ionomer cementDuring my Pediatric Dental residency at the University of Iowa, I wanted to gain exposure to other products outside the traditional residency program that would enhance my knowledge and skills as a future pediatric dentist. So with the help of the other pediatric residents, we began a bi-monthly lunch and learn and this was how we were first exposed to SDI’s products. SDI’s Riva Luting quickly became a staple product because of its various enhanced and favorable properties.
Practice comfortably, efficiently all day long with the GENTLEpower 25LPR electric handpieceHear more about KaVo and the GENTLEpower 25LPR electric handpiece directly from the company's Product Manager, William Irwin.
REVIEW: Heraeus’ Venus® PearlThe CPS Evaluation Team combined product reviews for the entire team consisting of dentists, assistants, hygienists, patient coordinators and the dental laboratory to review this product. CPS produced the following comments and reviews following its evaluation of Heraeus’ Venus Pearl:
New dental product: Viva! Patient Referral System by Whiter Image DentalBased on a high quality custom-designed plastic card, the VIVA! Patient Referral System allows practices to track patient referral activity. The cards resemble credit cards with integrated magnetic strips, which are distributed to current patients to share with friends, family, business associates and others. It is said to provide low cost new patient acquisition. The premium quality acrylic cards are custom-designed with the practice logo and contact information. Text message activation on each card solidifies appointments. Viva Referral System
New dental product: WebDirector® from 1-800-DENTIST
The Rotamax S6500KL handpiece from Sable Industries delivers optimum visibility, comfortHear about the Sable Access S4500KL and Rotamax S6500KL handpieces from Sable Industries Sales Manager Bryce Hough.
New dental product: Foramatron™ apex locator by Parkell
Handpiece Maintenance 101: The BasicsYou probably know your practice should be following a number of handpiece maintenance procedures to keep your patients and employees safe, save money on your repairs, and extend the life of your handpieces. What is on your essential list when it comes to handpiece maintenance?
New dental product: Strada by PentronThe interactive Strada website is designed to serve as an online resource and dialog hub for dentists. It contains open forums for discussions on a broad array of dental issues as well as access to helpful dental practice tools, patient education materials and problem-solving strategies. The site will be regularly updated with content including patient education modules, dental news and links to information for dentsists, their staffs and patients. Pentron 800-551-0283
REVIEW: Dr. Tony Hewlett on Sirona Dental’s Schick 33Dr. Tony Hewlett was an early adopter of digital technology, making the switch from film x-rays to digital intraoral radiography back in 1996. A loyal Sirona customer, Dr. Hewlett has always employed Schick intraoral digital sensors and recently upgraded to the new Schick 33.
Implementing eco-friendly infection controlPreventing pathogen transmission among patients and dental health care personnel is the primary goal of infection prevention in the dental office. During the course of the work day, clinicians repeatedly perform hand hygiene, wear personal protective equipment, clean and disinfect surfaces (or apply surface barriers), sterilize instruments, maintain dental unit waterlines, and use single-use disposable items. These tasks often involve equipment and products that produce much waste, consume excess energy, and use toxic chemicals.
3 great ways to effectively communicate with your patientsIf there is one thing we all need to really improve, it’s our communication skills. Not just in dentistry, but everywhere. However, because this is a magazine devoted to dentistry, I’ll keep my discussion to our beloved profession.
The world's smallest air-driven handpieceA Q&A with NSK Dental North America Marketing Manager Rob Gochoel on the S-Max pico.
New dental product: IndiGreen Innovations MiniQUIKcaps by PracticonIndiGreen Innovations MiniQUIKcaps are said to be ideal for smaller applications such as light handles, small control  panels and doorknobs. The mini-sized plastic barriers feature an elasticized edge and stretch up to 6 inches in diameter. Practicon 800-959-9509
How to provide multi-disciplinary dentistry [VIDEO]While striving to accommodate dental patients with as many services as possible, general practitioners often find endodontic therapy to be one of the biggest challenges they face.