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Chicago Dental Society focuses on value for dental professionals, Midwinter Meeting 2013A Q&A with Randall B. Grove, Executive Director of the Chicago Dental Society.
Lang Dental Manufacturing specializes in proven cost-effective materials, equipmentA Q&A with Dr. Gregory Jacob about his long-lasting partnership with Lang Dental Manufacturing.
Why Dr. Steven Koos chooses surgical instruments, infection control products from Hu-FriedyDr. Steven Koos, DDS, MD, tells us why he chooses Hu-Friedy dental products based on the brand's craftsmanship, precision and innovation.
Dr. Thomas Kearns blends his personal philosophy with The Dawson Academy cultureDr. Thomas Kearns says The Dawson Academy has helped him keep a good balance between his professional life and family life while receiving high level education from the continuing education provider. 
5 Reasons to Buy: A-dec's LED dental operatory lightAdjustable intensity levels of 15,000 lux, 25,000 lux and 30,000 lux at 5,000 K flood the oral cavity with a consistently neutral white light for true-to-life tones.
How Dr. Alizia Westfall took her dental practice paperless with XLDent's dental softwareGeneral dentist Dr. Alizia Westfall discusses her experience with XLDent Suite dental software.
MacPractice Inc. highlights strategic thinking in bringing Apple to the dental officeInterview with Mark Hollis, CEO of MacPractice.
Dr. John Flucke's insights on CAD/CAM technologyThe second part of the Tech Census offers insight from DPR Technology Editor Dr. John Flucke on the five technology categories covered. This section focuses on CAD/CAM technology.
Double Take: “…the Elipar S10 light makes curing simple and straightforward.”In my opinion, “ease-of-use” is one of the most important qualities in a curing light, particularly when multiple professionals in a busy practice use it. It can be frustrating to spend time deciphering instructions or double-checking settings on a curing light according to who used it last and for what purpose.
How to: Graft an extraction socketGrafting extraction sockets is essential for successful regeneration of bone. Research has shown that only 30% bone growth occurs in sockets that aren’t grafted compared to up to 60% bone growth in sockets that are grafted.
DENTSPLY Int’l highlights its DENTSPLY Implants Division, other innovative brandsDENTSPLY Int’l VP and Chief Clinical Officer Linda Niessen, DMD, MPH, MPP, discusses DENTSPLY’s efforts to improve the oral health of patients.
Dr. John Flucke on Digital Radiography: "Just do it!"The second part of the Tech Census offers insight from DPR Technology Editor Dr. John Flucke on the five technology categories covered. This section focuses on digital radiography technology.
Imaging Sciences International talks i-CAT cone beam 3D Imaging SystemsImaging Sciences International discusses its 20 year anniversary, digital imaging systems.
How to take great vertical bitewings using digital radiographyHaving served as a full-time dental hygienist prior to becoming a DEXIS Sales Manager, Lisa Brooks, RDH, gained extensive hands-on experience with both film and digital x-rays. In this article, Brooks will discuss the benefits of using digital radiography and DEXIS digital x-ray in particular. She also will share tips on how you can capture vertical bitewings for optimal diagnosis.
REVIEW: Kettenbach’s Panasil Poly-Vinyl Siloxane Impression MaterialsToday’s shift toward all-ceramic crowns requires a more accurate impression material. Not only is it important to accurately portray the marginal area, but the tooth’s entire surface must be captured.
Align Technology Inc. highlights Invisalign, iTero Digital Impression System Align Technology Inc. Q: Tell us about your practice and the community you serve. PA: I’ve been in practice a little over 13 years and serve a community of 35,000 with multiple dentists in the area. Our office participates in community events and is always at the forefront of modern technology for our patients.
Ivoclar Vivadent's IPS e.max can be the single ceramic your office usesI’ve been using IPS e.max pretty much since it hit the market. I do a lot of single-unit posteriors and full mouth reconstructions, and at the time I was experiencing some failures with zirconia based ceramic layered restorations. I was looking for something that could replace that in my office. 
Millennium Dental Technologies founders discuss the LANAP protocol, PerioLase MVP-7 digital dental laserA Q&A with MDT founders Dr. Robert Gregg, Dr. Delwin McCarthy about the LANAP Protocol, PerioLase MVP-7 digital dental laser. 
Rhein83 USA emphasizes its added value technical expertise to dental attachments, implant abutmentsRhein83 srl, recognized internationally as a leading manufacturer of dental attachments and implant abutments, continues to achieve increased market penetration in over 75 countries globally. In today’s ever-changing economically challenged environment, dentists and dental laboratory owners constantly pursue companies which offer high quality products with exceptional added value technical expertise.
Dr. Michael Dachowski can offer his patients less pain, better healing with Gendex 3D imaging technologyOral surgeon Dr. Michael Dachowski tells us how Gendex digital radiography systems help him provide the best possible care to his patients. 
How to add multi-modality endodontics, the right CBCT 3D imaging system to benefit your practice and your patientsThe standard of care in endodontics is changing dynamically in relation to the technology that is available. Researching and investing in the right technology allows us to seize the full potential to practice the complete spectrum of endodontics.
Get the low down on Evolve Dental Technologies' KöR WhiteningA Q&A with Dr. Rod Kurthy on Evolve Dental Technologies' KöR Whitening products.
Real Dentists Profile Dental Product Manufacturers, Dental CompaniesWhile the dental industry is relatively small when compared with its cousin, the medical industry, or unrelated business behemoths such as the global food industry, it is still a growing, profitable sector with you, the dental professional, at its center. When asked, our readers tell us repeatedly that the voices they trust most in new product decisions are that of their peers. To that end, we’ve encouraged the companies participating in this year’s corporate profiles to give us a customer to interview. We find out why they choose the brands they support.
Gendex Dental Systems' GXS-700 sensors offer highly diagnostic imagesDr. Foroud Hakim had plenty of resources available to him when choosing the right digital radiology system for his brand new office nearly a decade ago. Holding a university teaching position, he had many colleagues as well as an entire radiology department to lean on as he was determined to choose the best fit for his practice.
DenMat revitalizes key brands and systems with eye toward quality, customer serviceDenMat Q: There have been a lot of interesting transitions at DenMat just over the last year – new people, new products. What can you tell us about the new DenMat’s direction and vision moving forward?
Weekly new dental products roundupNeed to match a shade? A bridge or regular implant? Want to improve your posture while at work? Perhaps a patient needs tooth whitening? If so, you're in luck because products to fill those needs are part of the new dental products roundup for the week of Aug. 20, 2012.
Patient Perspective: Quickly finding a dentist to save the dayKim Sorenson had seen the commercials, but didn’t really see herself needing to use 1-800-DENTIST’s help to find a dentist.
Do you know what your staff really thinks about you?We tell you what they might be saying behind your back.
How to protect your dental practice's data with a paperless workflowThe largest benefit of a paperless practice is the ease of which you can protect your practice’s data. That may sound a bit odd with all of the technology scare stories out there, but it really is true.
How to: Power-whiten teeth in-officeThe teeth bleaching (or whitening) industry has seen massive growth since its onset in the late 1980s when the first in-office bleaching light was used. Today, there’s a plethora of procedures and products sold within dental offices—and retail stores—for whitening. Entrepreneur Magazine estimated that total revenue from dental whitening services in 2011 was $11 billion.
Tokuyama's innovative dental products solve problems beyond the one-stop-shop approachA Q&A with Tokuyama Dental America Inc. Director of Marketing Phillip R. Pasit.
Glidewell Laboratories VP of Research & Development Robert A. Carden on the BruxZir Solid ZirconiaA Q&A with Glidewell Laboratories VP of Research & Development on the BruxZir Solid Zorconia.
From the Office Manager's Desk: Why can't we all just get along?An office manager's take on how to solve team conflict and achieve team harmony in your dental office.
How to implement CAD/CAM into your practiceWith a wide variety of materials now available to use with the E4D Dentist System, this how-to by Dr. Walter Renne, DMD, offers up examples of restorations and a review of material choices.
Why 5 of the Pride Institute "Best of Class" Technology Award Winners Stand OutThere is no group of products quite like the “Best of Class” honorees, in large part because it would be almost impossible to recreate the process by which they were selected.
The Dawson Academy's Dr. Andrew Cobb tells us why a relatively simple dental treatment can become complicatedWhat may appear as a relatively simple treatment may actually be more than expected and a bit more complicated.
Relationship-driven approach is essential to Harry J. Bosworth's successA Q&A with Harry J. Bosworth Company's President, Millie Goldstein, and VP of Sales and Marketing, Herbert Pozen. Q: The year-long celebration of your 100th anniversary is drawing to close. How has this milestone helped to underscore your commitments and goals as a company?
10 Questions with Isolite's Tom and Jim HirschA conversation with the brothers who co-founded Isolite Systems.