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Patient Perspective: Using veneers to get to a more attractive smileLisa Holzkopf was always indecisive when it came to making major changes to her smile. She had what she describes as “smaller than normal front teeth.” They had to be shaven down after she chipped her front tooth on the edge of a swimming pool during her high school years, and one tooth slightly overlapped the other one. When she first talked to Dr.
Technology Evangelist: Designing a dental practice for the best patient experienceI’ve had some good times in dentistry, and in addition to the good times, I’ve also learned a lot. Of course I’ve learned a lot about dentistry, I mean a license to practice is really just a license to continue to learn, but I’ve also learned a lot about my patients and how to make things better for them.
Applying bluephase style cordless LED curing light in your practiceThe bluephase style is an ergonomic, powerful, cordless LED curing light. As part of the bluephase family, this newest addition comes with all of the features, power and efficiency bluephase curing lights are known for in a new slim, lightweight and balanced design.
An inside look at the recovery for Japan-based dental companies [VIDEO]On March 11, 2011, a devastating earthquake and tsunami rocked Japan. Millions of people were glued to the images of the maelstrom that ensued. Few maintained that level of interest as the Japanese started on the less glamorous path of recovery.
Applying QUATTROcare PLUS in your dental practiceThe QUATTROcare PLUS dental handpiece maintenance system offers incomparable thoroughness, economy and ease of use.
New Dental Product Review: DUX Dental's AlginatorThe CPS Evaluation Team, consisting of dentists, assistants, hygienists, patient coordinators and the dental laboratory, evaluated the Alginator by DUX Dental. CPS produced the following comments and reviews following its evaluation:
Store-A-Tooth offers patients regenerative dentistry options through stem cellsFeatured on Dental Products Report’s March cover, Store-A-Tooth is Provia Laboratories’ primary product offering. The simplest way to explain the product is that it gives families a second chance.
Crowns: Impression Materials 360°: How to choose the right impression materialAccurate impressions depend on proper technique as well as desirable material characteristics. Elastomeric impression materials (polyethers, polyvinyl siloxanes, and hybrids) are popular impression materials because of their excellent physical and mechanical properties including excellent detail reproduction, high elastic recovery and good dimensional stability.
Going paperless increases efficiency and helps your practice become environmentally friendlyNext time you walk into your dental office, pretend you’re a new patient. If you’re greeted by a wall of paper charts and a reception area featuring a sliding glass window and a clipboard, think about what you are communicating. Impersonal reception areas, clipboards and paper charts scream “yesterday.” Now consider that, rightly or wrongly, patients form beliefs about the quality of your dentistry based upon these seemingly innocuous things.
5 Reasons to Buy: DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties QMIX 2in1 Irrigating SolutionThe QMIX 2in1 Irrigating Solution removes the smear layer and disinfects in one step following NaOCl application.
Dentrix G5 practice management software works with integrated appsDentrix G5 includes a number of new features, none bigger than the one that makes it an “open platform” that encourages software developers (including the three highlighted below) to write applications for the practice management system to share data with the new Dentrix database.
Doubletake: A dental clincian's view on SybronEndo's EndoVac irrigation systemDr. Stephen Gordon was never that interested in doing root canals. He’s always been fascinated by the latest and greatest in technology, and root canals didn’t really fit. But that all changed two years ago at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting. He sat in on Dr.
Become an environmentally friendly dental practiceA positive trend occurring within dentistry is the adoption of “green” or environmentally-friendly strategies. These strategies include the selection and use of products that are biodegradable and have less toxic byproducts, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
5 Reasons to Buy: Bisco's ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL adhesiveALL-BOND UNIVERSAL is compatible with all light-cured, self-cured and dual-cured resin composite and cement materials for all direct and indirect procedures.
5 Reasons to Buy: Planmeca's ProMax 3D Mid Imaging SystemPlanmeca's ProMax Mid 3D Imaging System provides comprehensive imaging.
How to: Rebuild an arch using a hybrid implantMany advancements have occurred in dental implantology in the past several decades. Perhaps one of the most significant developments that provides the dental patient with the greatest benefit is the hybrid implant. The hybrid implant is a small diameter implant that offers full prosthetic versatility. It has been proven to provide long-term success in a myriad of clinical cases. One of its advantages is providing implant anchorage in cases of minimal bone width.