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Tech Brief: Applying SIDEKICK MP in your practiceThe SideKick MP multi-platform customized patient education program includes a full load of procedure illustrations and a Smile Imaging module. The Movie module allows continuous play looping of movies. It also can help track what you show to patients and has the ability to e-mail whatever they saw chairside.
Test your imaging IQ with our DPR QuizIt all can be just a little overwhelming. There’s so much to think about when it comes to dental imaging, from whether it’s time for your office to make an investment in cone beam technology to what kind of digital camera you should use to document your cases. Digital sensors, servers to store your images, pan/ceph technology, intraoral cameras—they’re all part of the imaging spectrum, and with each technology there’s plenty you should know and plenty to learn.
Beyond the big brandsAs doctors we are responsible for a myriad of things. Our professional lives are frequently divided between providing the best care possible, continuing education, staff management, facilities management, payroll, and don’t forget managing our practices as a business.
What's your online reputation?A website is certainly a key component of any dental practice marketing plan. And search engine optimization, which enables your website to rank higher in search engine results, also is an important strategy. But the unsung hero in today’s world of online marketing is most certainly the burgeoning field of online reputation management.
Double Take: "...One step closer to a truly preventative practice."It was a colleague who first introduced Dr. Doug Thompson to OralDNA Labs and the MyPerio tests, but for quite some time he had been looking for a treatment modality that would allow him to figure out who among his patients might be susceptible to periodontal disease. “Typically, we wait for tissue destruction to happen before we identify disease,” he explains.
A new class of CAD/CAM materialDentists with chairside CAD/CAM systems often rely on ceramic blocks to deliver adequate strength and esthetics, as well as to maintain polish and luster over time. Meanwhile, composite blocks are used less frequently, even though their reduced chipping make them easier to mill, and the material’s familiarity to the dentist makes them easier to handle. Additionally, composite blocks offer the ability to deform under a load without breaking.
A little clarity on CBCT imagingBy now, we’ve all pretty much heard about just how much additional information and clinical data can be gathered by using cone beam 3D imaging. However, many GPs are not sure exactly which cases are best suited for this evolving technology, and there also has been confusion and concern in recent months about radiation doses and possible health risks with children exposed to too many CBCT scans.
Double Take: "This isn't your father's glass ionomer."In addition to his role as an educator and practicing dentist, Dr. Nový also coordinates treatment in two community clinics. His work has also  provided the opportunity to work as a consultant for numerous dental manufacturers. Here, he elaborates on his experience using GC America’s EQUIA Rapid Restorative System.
The location of calcified canalsThe primary goal of root canal therapy is to create an environment in which the root or roots of a tooth are maintained in a healthy periodontium. This, in turn, allows the tooth to be restored to normal function. To achieve this objective it’s important to minimize or eliminate microorganisms and pathologic debris in root canal systems. This becomes more challenging when we are presented with teeth having calcified canals.
Exclusive Survey: Investing in infection controlWhen first conducting this survey, the one data point DPR editors could never have anticipated was that nearly 80% would say infection control is something you are very concerned about.
Tech Brief: Applying ORABLOC in your practiceFor routine dental procedures and oral surgery, Orabloc™ articaine-based injectable dental anesthetic provides rapid onset of action. Each cartridge is individually sealed in a blister package for cleanliness, protection of the cartridge as well as the epinephrine. It is available through Patterson Dental.
How to: Provide veneers on a budgetIn today’s challenging economic climate, more people are experiencing or are at-risk of job loss. Confronted with the growing difficulty of providing basic necessities for themselves and their families, they want every shrinking dollar to count.
Benchmark: The Tina Calloway PRO-Visional Kit from KOMET USAThe CPS Evaluation Team of 10 assistants evaluated The Tina Calloway PRO-Visional Kit. On average, the kit was used for trimming 98 provisional restorations. Take-aways
Benchmark: Practical Dental Solutions' YAPIHave you ever wished you had an extra employee whose job was to organize all of the practice information you generate each day and use it to help you run your practice more efficiently? Obviously a position like this would not be a cost-effective tool for practice improvement in any but the largest offices. Fortunately Dr.
Top 100: Top 5 Online Options to FollowThese YouTube channels and Twitter feeds represent online options to provide you with either great information or a great model for taking your social media to the next level.
Double Take: "If you want to be on the innovative edge of this industry, you should use it."I started using Invisalign Full in my practice seven years ago and love it. In that time I’ve seen amazing results—Invisalign really does work.  
10 Questions: Ken Serota, President of Hu-Friedy01  You were recently announced as President at Hu-Friedy. How do you view your new role?