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Corporate Profile: Q&A with Evolve Why should dentists look at KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching over other brands out there?
Corporate Profiles: Q&A with Hiossen What measures have you taken to continuously improve implant quality?
Corporate Profiles: MP Biomedicals MP Biomedicals is dedicated to giving scientists and researchers innovative, quality tools and superior service to aid them in their quest for ground-breaking discovery and turning the hope for life-changing solutions into a reality. The company manufactures and sells more than 55,000 products and is one of the only companies in the industry to offer a comprehensive line of life science, fine chemical and diagnostic products.
Corporate Profiles: Q&A with Rhein83Rhein83 srl, recognized internationally as a leading manufacturer of dental attachments and implant abutments, continues to achieve increased market penetration in over 75 countries globally. In today’s ever-changing economically challenged environment, dentists and dental laboratory owners constantly pursue companies which offer high quality products with exceptional added value technical expertise.
Benchmark: KaVo Dental's COMFORTdrive handpiece The characteristics of high-pitched noise, reduction in torque under load and vibration of the bur, often associated with air-driven handpieces, are being replaced by the quieter, smoother and concentric motion of electric handpiece systems.
Corporate Profiles: Q&A with Imaging Sciences InternationalA Global Leader Located in Hatfield, Pa., Imaging Sciences International was founded in 1992 to bring  high-quality tomographic imaging systems to the dental community at a reasonable cost. From its initial, CommCAT Imaging System and four following generations, to its modern-day i-CAT ® technology, the company has evolved into a global  leader in the development and manufacture of advanced 3D dental and maxillofacial radiography products.
Reasons to Buy: Growing mobile This service not only rapidly builds new patients, but assists practices in pleasing existing ones. Works with Google’s new mobile SEO to help put your practice ahead of your competitors.
Make them want to buy You’ve worked hard and you’re approaching the finish line of your career. You’re just now starting to think about your retirement future and the thought of selling your practice. But what exactly does that mean? Should you cut back on your hours, start to scale back the practice’s workload? Maybe spend an extra day or two on your golf game or catching up with family and friends?
Exclusive Survey: Tipping the scales This time last year, we looked at the way that ultrasonic scalers were changing your practice patterns. This time, we went back to the basics—hand instrumentation—and find that while 97% of you are, in fact, incorporating ultrasonic scaling into your treatment planning, nearly 51% of respondents are using hand scaling more than half the time. Clearly, this is a category that is still relevant and worth being educated about.
Corporate Profile: Q&A with XLDent XLDent™ has a long track record in developing software. Tell us why that is important as new technologies start to shape the industry.
Corporate Profiles: Q&A with JP Solutions What do you see as some of the primary needs of today’s dentists, and how do your products help meet those needs?
Corporate Profile: Q&A with DenMatThere has been a lot of buzz around Snap-On Smile® lately. What is it about this product? Not every patient who walks through the door is ready to commit to a smile makeover that day, but they may be very ready for a better, more esthetic smile. Snap-On Smile® gives clinicians a powerful new option.
Corporate Profiles: Q&A with Doxa As a company new to the U.S. market, what advantages do you bring based on your European roots?
Reasons to Buy: Head into the cloud Online access to more than 280 frequently updated, multimedia patient education presentations through a standard Internet connection. Presentations that feature 3D animation, full-motion video, voice narration and colorful images.
A decade's worth of success Ten years ago, 3M and ESPE Dental AG merged to instantly form the second largest dental manufacturer at the time, known as 3M ESPE. This gave 3M and ESPE customers a whole new product catalog, while the combined R&D engines have resulted in an ongoing stream of new products year-after-year.
Corporate Profile: Q&A with NuSmile Why did NuSmile start manufacturing pediatric crowns?
Corporate Profile: Q&A with Align Technology What can dentists look forward to in regards to Align’s commitment to constant innovation?
Corporate Profile: Q&A with Sunstar As an established leader in preventive care, why is the recent launch of PerioShield such a big release for Sunstar?
Corporate Profile: Q&A with DENTSPLY Midwest A veteran of DENTSPLY Midwest, responsible for many category-creating innovations, Chief Innovation Engineer Gene Novak has split his time between Manufacturing and R&D during his 30-year tenure. Gene has seen the Midwest brand change ownership many times, while staying loyal to the principles of innovation, quality, reliability and durability laid out by founder Martin Staunt.
CLASS is in SESSION, PART II Acknowledging the dynamic decision making that comes from bringing great minds and great dentists together, once again this year’s honorees were selected by a distinguished panel of dental professionals.
How to: Complete a lower denture case The original long-term studies on dental implants focused on solving issues associated with unsuccessful lower denture usage. It’s estimated that lower dentures have a less than 60% success rate. Patients who are unsuccessful in wearing and using their lower dentures fit the definition of a “dental cripple.” The issue is how to offer a reasonably priced solution to the dental profession with minimal surgical trauma. American Dental Implant’s Skinny 2.4 hybrid small diameter implant is a viable option.
Corporate Profiles: Keller Labs In 2001, the FDA granted marketing approval to the NTI-tss device for the prevention and treatment of certain migraine, tension-type headaches, and TMD by reducing neuromuscular activity as a result of its reduction of trigeminally innervated muscle activity. Since then the NTI-tss therapeutic protocol has gained in popularity.
Byte by Byte: A plan for processing Proper infection control and sterilization procedures are about a lot more than just patient and staff safety. Having an efficient sterilization process is critical to smooth practice operations. Having all the tools and instruments clean and ready when you need them takes planning and coordination. Without this, a practice might end up rushing the process in one way or another to get the needed tools to the operatory.
Benchmark: Heraeus' Gluma PowerGel With the same proven efficacy as Gluma® Desensitizer, Gluma® Desensitizer PowerGel is a one-step gel formula desensitizer that allows for greater control and accuracy during application. Its green-color indicator provides visual ease of placement and rinse-clean capability. The gel can be used with all bonding and restorative materials, in any situation and provides control and accuracy during placement.
How to: Better place posterior composites Ambient light in the dental office or operatory is one of the most common causes of direct restorative failure due to premature polymerization of composite resin materials.1,2 Premature polymerization has been directly related to an increased risk of staining, bacterial accumulation, marginal leakage and secondary caries.3 It also will prevent the clinician from bringing restorations to full contour, increasing the time in finishing and
Corporate Profile: Q&A with GC America Who is GC? GC was founded in Japan by three chemists in 1921 shortly after World War I. They had three criteria: Develop a product that is needed in people’s lives; Develop a product that requires advanced technology; Develop a high value added product.
Corporate Profiles While the dental industry is relatively small when compared with its cousin, the medical industry, or unrelated business behemoths such as the global food industry, it is still a growing, profitable sector with you, the dental professional, at its center. Over the last couple years, when many businesses continue to hold back, the dental industry has seen several notable product launches and new companies competing for market share. This is a testament to the fact that industry leaders still see the general dentist as a good investment.
Corporate Profile: Q&A with the Palodex Group The dental industry and the oral health care arena have been changing rapidly in the past 5 to 10 years. What do you see as the most significant of those changes?
Corporate Profiles: Q&A with Glidewell Labs How does Glidewell view the current dental implant market in the United States?
Corporate Profile: Q&A with Hu-FriedyHow does Hu-Friedy leverage its 100+ year history in regards to innovation?
Corporate Profiles: Sun Dental Labs In an environment where many labs are trying to go “niche-y” you remain dedicated to being a full-service lab. Why is that important? We continue to be a full-service lab because our dentists need both removable and fixed dental products. Depending on the issue, a partial denture may be more suited for a patient than a fixed restoration, for example. And, as the economy continues to struggle, removable appliances are typically more affordable.
Corporate Profile: Q&A with Surgitel As the summer comes to a close, what is the company most excited about heading into the last part of the year?
Technology Evangelist: Getting it done without doing anything I think if you asked 100 dentists to make a list of their biggest problems and concerns they have for their practices, “staffing” and “scheduling” would be ranked pretty close to the top. Finding and keeping good employees has traditionally been difficult in dentistry and the current economic conditions have created problems from a scheduling standpoint for many offices.
Corporate Profile: Q&A with SockIt! Oral Hydrogel I have devoted my entire adult life serving in the dental field (28 years as an oral surgeon).  I always have been haunted by the fact that we create wounds on a daily basis; yet, as oral health care providers, we have never had an effective or appropriate means of taking care of wounds in the mouth.
Double Take: "...I know I'm getting higher quality images than before."We first started with digital imaging through the ScanX phosphor plate system; we’d had that in place since sometime around 2005. We had been digital in a lot of other ways up to that point and making the move with imaging made sense,” Nancy explained.
Corporate Profile: BiolaseBIOLASE Technology is redefining surgery in dentistry and medicine. BIOLASE is dedicated to developing new technological treatment options that are more compatible with the natural healthy state of the human body than conventional treatments.