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Recession-ERA Recalls You’ve likely noticed a change in your patients. The patients who come through your practice are more selective these days. the economy has made that a necessity for most americans, whether you’re talking about the type of dentistry they choose to go forward with or the type of car they opt to buy. Americans, in general, don’t have the discretionary income they once did, and that means expensive treatment plans aren’t in the budget.
Know who you're looking for, and how to find them Online marketing is becoming essential for many small businesses. Patients increasingly turn to the Internet to seek and connect with service providers. The dental market has gone digital, with leading practices developing a Web presence via websites and social media initiatives. This shift has made the Internet a more crowded and competitive space for practices. Increasingly dentists and specialists are implementing sophisticated online promotion advertising to fortify their search engine visibility.
Sound off on sealants When it comes to using dental sealants on pediatric patients, we were excited to find that 96% of you are actively engaging in this form of preventive care. On the flip side, it was disappointing to find that in the instances when you wouldn’t (or couldn’t) place sealants, the majority of you (66%) said it was because insurance won’t cover the procedure. And, even as we all work toward encouraging dental insurance companies to cover more preventive procedures, as 39% of you indicate, educating patients is still a hurdle as well.
Choosing the right light In the dental environment, lighting is an under utilized design tool in part because the lamping (bulbs) and fixture types have expanded so tremendously over the last five years, it is hard to know what options to consider.   Lighting can positively impact function (task lighting) or esthetics (ambient lighting). Understanding the options available is key in achieving the best affect from lighting and their improved energy benefits in the process.  
Achieve simple, precise IPR Dental crowding is just one of countless conditions for which a patient seeks orthodontic care. Solutions for creating more space in these cases range from extractions or comprehensive treatments like arch development using fixed or removable orthopedic appliances, to more conservative options like interproximal reduction (IPR).
10 Questions: Tammi Byrd, RDH 01 Can you describe your organization, Health Promotion Specialists? Health Promotion Specialists (HPS) is a school-based dental prevention program. We currently serve 42 school districts in the state of South Carolina and provide services to over 20,000 children a year.
Designed to fit & last Both Integra® Dental Casework and Artizan® Dental Furniture provide designs that meet ergonomic workflow, infection control, technology integration and unique storage requirements. Artizan Dental Furniture offers flexibility with a wide variety of standard product configurations and the capability to provide custom product solutions in design, size and color.
10 Questions: Hayes Handpiece Company 01 You are a family-owned company that started in 1989. Why the handpiece business?
Orascoptic's Loupes with Rudy Project Frames For years I’ve used the same heavy loupes. But with each increase in magnification and with the addition of a light, the frames got heavier, eventually to the point of hurting my nose. Having an athletic and aviation background, I’ve become accustomed to lightweight, comfortable glasses, and I decided I shouldn’t have to wear heavy, uncomfortable “Buddy Holly” loupes while at work.
One system, multiple benefits The LOCATOR Male pivots in its permanent Denture Cap for a genuine resilient connection of the prosthesis without any resulting loss of retention. The male remains in static contact with the female socket while the Denture Cap has a full range of rotational movement. The self-aligning feature of the LOCATOR Attachment allows patients to easily seat their overdentures without the need for accurate alignment, and without causing damage to the attachment components.
Seeing is believing Magnification is quickly becoming as essential as the instruments dental hygienists use to treat their patients. While  nearly 80% of our respondents indicated that the dentists they work with use loupes, only 16%  went on to purchase this product for their dental hygienists. The vast majority of respondents purchased their own loupes—but only half indicated they knew what to look for in a “good” pair.
Applying PAX-REVE 3D in your practice The PaX-Reve3D is a 3-in-1 Cone Beam CT, cephalometric and panoramic x-ray unit. With an advanced Free Field of View (FOV) function, users experience improved accuracy and efficiency of diagnosis. Furthermore, PaX-Reve3D considers the convenience of users by defining the typical default values from small to large.
Impregumâ„¢ Soft Polyether impression material: "Far fewer takes and brag-worthy impressions..."Surely it’s no news when I suggest that the better the impression, the better the results from the lab will be. Impressions for crown and bridge are a source of frustration and anxiety for many dentists.
Give them something extra We see it, hear it, read it, and we live it every day. Our economy has taken a dive and it has shown in the bottom line of our dental practices. So what can we do to help counter the effects of the downturn? One of the great things about being a general dentist is we have the opportunity to provide a diverse offering of services to our patients. I’ve been practicing for nearly 13 years, and still thoroughly enjoy the diversity of being a general dentist every day. Each day is different from the last and you never know what you might get tomorrow.
Rewrite the history books...the world is flat Did you know Christopher Columbus didn’t really prove the Earth was round? It was actually the ancient Greeks in about 6 B.C. This is such a common misconception, that in 1945 the “Myth of the Flat Earth” was listed in a pamphlet produced by the Historical Association of Britain as being the No. 2 most common error in history.
Applying SL3 in your practice The SL3™ desktop diode laser offers multiple high-end features at an entry-level price. Engineered by the same professionals who designed the award-winning NV Microlaser, SL3 delivers a robust feature set, advanced portability and convenience. This laser is in direct response to the input the company gathered from customers in one-on-one discussions, as well as formal research.
"...not only dramatically changes the appearance of teeth, they strengthen them as well." Five years ago one of my patients, Kim, asked if she was a candidate for LUMINEERS—not the traditional veneers I had recommended—after she saw an ad in Ladies Home Journal. My comfort zone was doing traditional veneers that I had been doing for the past 20+ years, and I felt confident in my abilities to properly place these in my patients’ mouths who wanted a smile makeover done. Making the move