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Talk should be cheap   Reminding patients to come to their scheduled appointments can be costly. Buying recall cards, paying for postage and staff hours spent mailing the cards all take time and money. And after all that, chances are those reminders will go straight from your patients’ mailboxes to their recycle bins.
A place at the table The question arises, though, why implants? Why has Dental Products Report added a team on dental implants?
The Roth IRA conversion gamble? It’s 2010, and it’s official. With the advent of the new year, we also face an intriguing new tax-planning option, one that offers us both opportunities and challenges, especially during 2010–2112. It’s the arrival of new IRA-to-Roth-IRA conversion rules. Now that they’re here, it’s worth taking a bit of time from the bench to consider what they mean to you, your wealth, and your retirement and estate planning needs.
Taking ProDrive for a spin   Photo: ProDrive
Enhanced speed and accuracy http://premusa.com1. TS2000™ diamonds save time and money by simultaneously performing rapid gross reduction and creating a marginal finish line.
How to: Use single step composite polishersManufacturers are developing new composite materials almost every week, yet many of the popular composite polisher formulations have not changed for a decade or more.
A new category of composite resin There is no material in the history of dentistry that has undergone as much evolution as composite resin. The face of restorative dentistry changed forever when successful bonding to dentin was achieved. Since then, the goal of clinical and material science has been to find simple, predictable approaches to the composite restorative process.
Lasting brightness 1. With a life of 30,000-plus hours—10 times longer than halogen—the everLight eliminates the need to replace light bulbs.
APPLYING Blackline handpiece in your practice The Blackline® Highspeed Handpiece series features Carbon Fiber, the newest of Bien-Air’s technological advancements in dental handpieces. A light-weight core combined with optimal strength offers maneuverability and longevity for the user.
How to: Create an esthetic anterior restorationFor many years, the IPS Empress all-ceramic brand was known for the highest level of esthetics when imitating the characteristics of natural teeth. Since it was introduced, more than 37 million indirect crown and veneer restorations fabricated from the IPS Empress pressed ceramic material have been placed.