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The best in oral cancer and caries detectionEvery day is the perfect day to screen for oral cancer, but, as we move into November, now is an excellent time to make preparations for Oral and Head and Neck Cancer (OHNC) Awareness month coming up in just six months.
How to restore Class V restorations with EPIC-TMPTOne dentist outlines how using EPIC®-TMPT Composite by Parkell can simplify Class V restorations.
How to use technology to enhance your internal marketingExternal marketing may work for some dental practices, but oftentimes the ROI isn't worth the effort. See how internal marketing can be a lot more effective — and much less expensive.
How videos can improve online marketing performanceIncorporating videos into your dental practice’s website, social media and online presence can bring big returns.
CEREC AI and CEREC AF provide options for mobility and flexibilityCEREC technology is all about integration and convenience, and with CEREC AI and CEREC AF, flexibility and mobility make using CEREC that much easier. Both the AI and AF feature a monitor, keyboard and PC; CEREC Omnicam with cradle; and a tablet. However, the two units are different in a variety of ways.
10 ways to make a great impressionIt’s critical to patient outcomes to have an accurate impression. Here’s what you need to know about both digital impression systems and traditional methods.
6 things to keep in mind for successful impressionsWe asked one practitioner to share his views on taking—and making—a good impression.
How digital scanning increases speed and convenience in the dental practiceWe asked with a dental assistant about how the new scanning methodology and technology helps with patient care and satisfaction and how digital impressions are changing (and improving) the workflow for the dental laboratory.
Why this handpiece was a game-changer for one practiceDr. Lawrence W. Kolar tells Dental Products Report about his experience using KaVo MASTERmatic handpieces.
How to close diastema using time-tested materialsDr. Marcos Vargas explains how using 3M materials and a breakthrough new polishing system help him create amazing and esthetic smiles.
How Opalescence Go can restore confidence in pediatric patientsIn this Product Benchmark, Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA, CDD explains how Ultradent's Opalescence Go can be used to whiten teeth in pediatric patients, restoring confidence and smiles.
Here come the innovators: The 2016 Innovator ProfilesWith innovation comes great advancement. Find out how these companies partner with you to push the dental industry forward.