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The importance of oral cancer screening in the dental practiceThe dental team is key in the detection and diagnosis of oral cancer.
4 steps to improved true treatment acceptanceGetting patients to say yes to treatment can be a big hurdle, but there are four easy steps that can help.
3 ergonomic mistakes that could end your dental careerTwo out of three dental professionals report occupational pain — pain that if left unaddressed could progress to an injury or career-ending disability. From my 15 years of providing ergonomic consultations in dentistry, I can safely say that the following three ergonomic mistakes are among the primary reasons I see many dentists and hygienists develop debilitating pain syndromes and/or retire early.
Top 10 tips from the old guy to recent dental school graduatesI practiced dentistry for 44 years, most of that in private practice. I was able to grow my practice to the top five percent of solo practices in the U.S. in the last five years I practiced. practice to the top five percent of solo practices in the U.S. in the last five years I practiced. I studied with the masters, and had the best consultants in the business help me attain my practice success.
7 steps to creating dental practice videosOnline videos are quickly becoming a powerful influence on consumers today. Why? Video is incredibly engaging. According to research published by Atlas, video is six times more effective than print or online promotions.
The real cost of your HazCom binderAs the second most common OSHA violation, most dental offices already have the Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200) on their radar. Each office should have at least one staff member who understands the requirement to keep safety data for products both “readily available” and “up to date” in a work area regularly used by employees.
Top technologies for caries and cancer detectionWhen it comes to technology and the integration of it, there are many ways to skin the “Technology Cat.” For many, it might mean integrating computers into your daily clinical routine. Or it might mean finally embracing digital radiography and adding that component to your office armamentarium.
40 MUST-see products at GNYDM and ADAThe Greater New York Dental Meeting and ADA Annual Meeting are right around the corner, and there will be plenty of new dental products to see at these much-anticipated shows.
Why the challenges of training are absolutely worth itBeing an instructor in this age of technology is exhilarating ... most of the time. My favorite part about this position is seeing and hearing the excitement during the training when, all of a sudden, something clicks and the dentist or staff member becomes confident.
From Our Board: Treatment centers loaded with featuresOne DPR Editorial Advisory Board member shares some highlights from the recent CEREC 30, including the launch of new Sirona treatment centers
Easy-to-use VOCO materials allow for natural-looking estheticsThe team at Mint Hill Dentistry is committed to providing patients with the most beautiful restorations and the best care possible. That’s why they’ve used VOCO products in their practice for more than 12 years.
Why CAD/CAM education is so criticalAs more and more practices bring at least some part of digital dentistry into their workflows, it has become critical for those investing in technology to know how to get the most out of it.
Products to be thankful forWhile we don’t expect you to declare your thanks for a dental product at Thanksgiving dinner, we do know there are products out there you can’t live without, and those deserve some recognition.