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Why these dentists believe CEREC is the wave of the future When doctors Steven W. Ozer and Anne Norris-Ozer built a new dental practice just three blocks from the ocean in Manhattan Beach, Calif., they took the advice of the experts. They not only built a new and improved practice, they incorporated technology by purchasing a CEREC, which Steven calls “the wave of the future.” 
The top advances in caries detection  As the “technology evangelist,” I sometimes lose myself in reading about and researching different aspects of technology. On occasion, I can go down the technology rabbit hole and disappear for hours at a time. 
What $10,000 could do for your practice Whether it’s at the grocery store or on vacation, we’re all looking for the smartest way to spend our money. We want to make sure that when we decide to purchase something, it’s really going to be the best thing on which we can possibly spend our hard-earned cash.
Whiter and brighter: The exciting evolution of cosmetic dentistry Ask any cosmetic dentist that’s been around for awhile, and he or she will tell you a lot of the most popular treatments are now done in fresh and exciting ways. And while there are new, cutting-edge procedures, there are still a number of mainstays that provide the majority of their work.
I Use That: “... patients feel like they are in the right place.” Dr. Ron Kaminer, of Smiles By Design in Hewlett, N.Y., discusses the TRIOS 3.
Patient perspective: 3D technology helps young patient retain her teeth When patient Natalie visited Dr. Sean Carlson’s office in Mill Valley, Calif., it seemed that her treatment would be a relatively simple correction of mandibular crowding. From the first visit, Natalie’s mother, Laura Foley, had good feelings about the practice.
Golf, dentists and low back pain: How to continue the sport you love You’ve had a tough day in the operatory, the sun is out, your back is aching and the green is calling. What could be better than a game of golf to work the aches out? For some dentists, just about anything!
Pride Institute's 2015 Best of Class winners: Part 2  In part one of our three-part series, Dental Products Report features eight of the products that have been honored with the 2015 Pride Institute “Best of Class” Technology Award.
Products worth their weight in gold There’s no question that dental assistants play a vital role in the dental practice. They also play a vital role in the selection of products used in the practice. 
Pride Institute's 2015 Best of Class winners: Part 2In Part II of our three-part series, we feature eight award-winning companies and their innovative products.