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Outside the box cosmetics for outside the guide resultsExploring why shade matching is so challenging — and the products that can streamline the process.
The dental practitioner's role in the sleep disorder crisisDr. Lou Shuman and Alice Limkakeng discuss the state of chronic sleep disorders and the role of dental practitioners in addressing the growing issue.
9 ways to avoid cyber attacksWhat you need to know about the most common types of cyber attacks — and how you can avoid them.
The top 5 ways cosmetic dentistry can benefit your practiceHow cosmetic dentistry can help your bottom line, increase your skill set and make for happier patients.
What Waterlase can bring to your dental practiceWhy one practitioner has been using the Waterlase laser from BIOLASE for more than a decade.
An inside look at the new Tornado S handpieceHow the team at Bien-Air made minor adjustments to create the most powerful small-head handpiece in the market.
Incorporating the Alpha Air 6 into your practiceOffering six levels of magnification, the Alpha Air 6 is designed to revolutionize the way a dental microscope performs and operates.
The benefits of CLEARFIL Universal Bond QuickWhy one doctor uses this universal adhesive from Kuraray Noritake Dental.
The surprising rewards of cosmetic dentistryOne practitioner explains the benefits cosmetic dentistry brought to her career.
4 ways cosmetic dentistry opens doors to new opportunitiesCosmetic dentistry can have a positive impact on everyone, from you to your patients.
How to acquire clear, concise images with the Excelsior ProWhy Catapult reviewers say they prefer using this CBCT machine from PreXion over others.
How to create more esthetic restorationsWhen it comes to restorations, post-op sensitivity and restoration longevity are important. Here's how to manage both.
Creating pearly white smilesRounding up some of the best in-office and take-home teeth whitening solutions.
Creating pearly white smilesRounding up some of the best in-office and take-home teeth whitening solutions.
Using Celtra Press in your practiceThe new material is designed to provide superior strength and exquisite esthetics.
How to use a universal nano-hybrid composite to restore a reattached tooth fragmentWhy G-ænial Sculpt from GC America is an ideal choice for dentists faced with restoring teeth.
Comparing next-generation EHRsWhen it comes to choosing your next EHR software, there’s more than meets the eye.
The benefits of TheraCem from BISCOHow one dentist uses this cement to reduce patient sensitivity and increase office efficiency.
Using the ScanX Intraoral View in your practiceThe system is said to be the next generation of digital radiography systems for all intraoral formats.
Why cosmetic dentistry matters to every practiceFrom ensuring precise composite color matching to offering in-office teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry can take your practice to the next level.
The benefits of ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP 3DWhy one general dentist decided to invest in this CBCT scanner for his practice
Trigger points and low back pain in dentistryWhat are trigger points, and how can you avoid the pain they can cause?