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The benefits of EHR in group practiceEHRs can play a positive role in group practices in more ways than one.
Why not adopting technology today could seriously hurt your practice tomorrowHenry Schein’s John Cox explains why you shouldn’t buy technology for the job today—instead buy it for the job tomorrow.
The enormous impact of SMART technologies on dentistrySMART technologies are changing the way dental practices are managed—for the better.
The top 4 benefits of DryShieldThree clinicians explain how DryShield helps save their practice time and money.
Why cybersecurity is critical for dental practicesProtecting your data is becoming more and more crucial, and two-factor authentication can be the first step in your line of defense
Why is this type of dental technology so underappreciated?The curing light is as important to clinical success as a handpiece—so why is it so often overlooked?
How to perform rapid tooth reduction with diamond instrumentsA technique showcasing the Deep Purple™ diamond instruments from Komet USA LLC. and how they can simplify process the of tooth reduction.
Top 10 things no one tells you before investing in practice management softwareTen things to keep in mind before you make any big changes.
25 ways practice management software can save you moneyWe take a look at 25 ways your practice management software could be saving you money.
Managing your practice digitally: A practice management software product roundupWe took a look at some of the leading practice management software solutions.
How to simplify alignment and bonding for smile enhancementHow to use the Inman Aligner for alignment corrections in anterior teeth.
A review of Aquasil Ultra+ from Dentsply SironaHow using Aquasil Ultra+ from Dentsply Sirona helped one practice.
I Use That: Zirc Crystal HD Mouth MirrorsOne clinician’s take on the benefits of Zirc Crystal HD Mouth Mirrors.
Are right angles... wrong?For years, sitting with your hips at a 90-degree angle was thought to be ideal. But research suggests otherwise.
Product review: LiteTouch Laser from AMD LASERSOne clinician and his assistant share their experience with the LiteTouch from AMD LASERS.
How to use the 3M™ True Definition Scanner for Invisalign® TreatmentA look at how how incorporating digital impressions can help streamline your Invisalign workflow.