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    Which practice management reports should be examined? Which ones should be discussed with the team?

    Our insurance editor sits down for an exclusive interview to tackle what can be a touchy subject.

    During the recent American Dental Association meeting in Washington, D.C., Teresa Duncan, the insurance editor for Dental Products Report, took a few moments to reflect on some of the most frequently asked questions she gets during her lectures around the nation.

    Among the questions Duncan is peppered with the most are queries about which reports the dental practice should be running and who in the practice should see them. Not only are dentists asking these questions, but team members are often mentioning that they in the dark about how the practice is doing and whether they are hitting goals for the month and year.

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    Duncan says it’s a decision that is best left up to the dentist. However, keeping everyone in the same stream of communication is always what’s best for the practice’s financial health.

    “You have to remember that some of these reports that dentists aren’t willing to share can be looked up by the team members on the practice management software anyway,” Duncan said. “Dentists have to think about that their team members are motivated to hit goals as well. If your front desk knew that they were only $5,000 or $10,000 short of goal for the month, do you not think they’d make a few extra phone calls to bring in that money and hit that goal? I bet they would.”

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    In this exclusive interview, Duncan tells you which reports are the most critical for your practice to run as well as her opinions on how best to share them with the entire team to maximize your practice’s success.

    Click below to watch the interview…


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