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    Top technologies for caries and cancer detection

    Digital caries detection and oral cancer screening technologies could vastly improve a patient's quality of life - or even save their life.


    The Velscope VX has a special attachment that allows for a touchscreen iPod to be connected to the device, which can be used to take a photo. The photo can then be sent to the appropriate referral office so that the doctor can see exactly where the lesion is located.

    We do fluorescence screening on all patients 17 or older and I am considering dropping that age to 15. The exam process takes just about two minutes and is identical to the screening you would do with white light.

    We do not charge for this screening although I know many offices that do. I include it as a value added service for patients and sometimes receive referrals based on the screening.

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    Wrapping it up

    All of these devices are able to allow the doctor to receive much more data than ever before. Being able to diagnose and or monitor changes in the mouth is something that allows the office to be much more conservative in diagnosis, monitoring and treatment.

    Patients have come to expect leading edge technologies from my office and using these devices helps reinforce that expectation. They are also grateful for the services since it allows us to treat and screen. We share images and information with patients at every continuing care appointment and it fits well with our patient education platform.

    So there you have it. Using these devices will help you be a better diagnostician as well as more conservative with treatment. The devices are not prohibitively expensive and work just as advertised. I highly recommend you explore t

    Dr. John Flucke
    Dr. John Flucke is in private practice in Lee’s Summit, Mo. He also serves as technology editor for Dental Products Report magazine and ...


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