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    The top 13 freakiest dental horror stories

    We polled our readers for their most outrageous stories... and the responses did not disappoint.


    Spooky handprint

    Touched by an angel?

    I had an implant consult with a hearing-impaired patient. This took place in the pre-digital days when we took a Pan with film loaded in a cassette. The first pan came out totally dark. The second attempt was also totally dark. Though the third and final attempt was barely any better, I could discern the edentulous maxilla. However, on the right side of the film was the outline of 3.5 fingers of a child-size hand. My assistant swore she did not touch the film in loading the cassette (and her hands were bigger than that) — and when my patient saw the film, she burst out crying.

    The patient proceeded to explain that her daughter had died the year before, and she had recently seen a psychic who told her that her daughter was trying to reach out to her. Apparently when the daughter had been young, she would get her deaf mother’s attention by putting her hand on her mother’s face — in the same place that the Pan showed the handprint! Maybe her daughter was reaching out to her after all…


    Laura Dorr
    Laura Dorr is the executive editor of DPR's Modern Dental Network.


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