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    The top 10 dental discoveries of 2017

    Dental research came a long way this year, and some studies stood out above the rest.



    New vaccine could mean the end of periodontitis

    The treatment for periodontitis has been the same for years. Scaling and root planing to remove plaque, and maybe even surgery if the problem is serious. But even with dedicated patient compliance and dental intervention, the problem can progress and teeth can be lost.

    To combat this problem, a team of researchers at The University of Melbourne began looking for a more effective treatment method. Their results, as reported by Science Daily, culminated in a journal article titled “A therapeutic Porphyromonas gingivalis gingipain vaccine induces neutralising IgG1 antibodies that protect against experimental periodontitis.”

    Click here to read the full study.



    Laura Dorr
    Laura Dorr is the executive editor of DPR's Modern Dental Network.


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