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    Technique: Placing multiple veneers at the same time with amazing esthetics

    Learning how to improve the esthetics and efficiency of veneer cases.

    For many years, I have been using multiple placement techniques in placing porcelain veneers. I first saw it illustrated by the late Dr. Robert Ibsen in the early 1980s. I watched Dr. Larry Rosenthal demonstrate multiple veneer placement on patients during our Ultimate Esthetic Practice continuum in New York City in the early 1990s.

    Veneers placed on teethWhile placing veneers one or two at a time can be effective, I find that it takes me longer and involves more adjustment. It is possible to place up to 10 veneers at once. For veneers on the ten teeth from second premolar to second premolar, I usually place six, two and two simply because of the field of view.    

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    The process

    The placement process involves enamel etching, placement of a bonding agent, treating the internal etched surfaces of the veneer with a silane primer, placement of luting composite on the internal surfaces of the veneer, delivering the veneer to the tooth with cotton pliers or other instrument, lightly pressing the veneer to place with an instrument or finger, adding the other veneers one by one, removing excess resin with a brush where needed, tack curing, removing proximal and marginal excess where possible, final curing, removal of excess luting resin with carbide finishing burs and polishing.

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