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    The state of digital radiography in the dental practice

    DPR talks to radiography experts to find out what dental practices need to know.

    Dental Products Report recently talked to digital radiography experts about the current state of digital radiography, exciting emerging technology and products in the field,  and what they believe could be coming in the future.

    To kick things off, Dental Products Report editorial director Kevin Henry spent some time at the ADA Annual Session in San Antonio with Dr. Dale Miles, an oral and maxillofacial radiologist who speaks around the world, primarily on digital imaging including Cone Beam CT. “I read cone beam scans for a living,” Dr. Miles said with a laugh. “I do not own any equipment, but I get volume data to actually interpret and look for occult pathology for all our colleagues out there.” 

    After the Annual Session, Henry followed up with Dr. Miles to discuss hot issues such as cone beam technology, dental radiation, developments in radiology and the technology that sets practices apart.

    Check out their conversation here: 

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    The experts have opinions, but what does this mean for dental professionals? In addition to speaking with Dr. Miles and other experts (continue to page three to see what the others had to say), DPR asked dental professionals what they liked about radiography, why they made the switch, and why they don't own a piece of equipment that they think might be the best for their practices. 

    Continue to page two for more...


    Kevin Henry
    Kevin Henry is the group editorial director for Advanstar Dental Media and has more than 15 years of experience in the dental ...


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