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    A review of Anutra LA Delivery System

    The Catapult Group shares its review of this breakthrough local anesthetic delivery system.

    Identifying reliable, efficient and comfortable local anesthetics has been a challenge for dentists since the late 19th century. It all started with injectable cocaine but the obvious issues soon developed. 

    Procaine was then launched in 1905 and this adopted the term NOVOCAINE and it’s amazing this name is still utilized by many of us today describing a shot! Since Procaine’s launch over 100 years ago, there have been many new anesthetics added into the marketplace and with each, came enhanced improvements. Yet, the injection is still all too often the most dreaded aspect of an appointment and the question poised to The Catapult Group was whether Anutra Medical’s new local anesthetic buffering system could take the “sting” out of what we all do multiple times each day. Now, of course there is more to the story, but the truth for many of us is that we would love to give a truly painless injection.

    First off, what is buffering? Buffering is the mixing of sodium-bicarbonate into the dental anesthetic, the combination immediately raises the pH of the anesthetic to neutral. So instead of injecting a solution with a pH similar to vinegar, you are now injecting a solution with a neutral pH and this is so much more comfortable. In addition, because the anesthetic is buffered, it almost immediately crosses the membrane due to lipophilic base material not requiring time to become more neutral in pH. The added CO2 microbubbles (yes you will see them in the syringe) convert the lipophilic base material back into a form that reversibly blocks the Na channels. With all this said, the anesthetic is present in larger concentrations and the action of blocking the nerve channels happens that much faster than traditional non-buffered dental anesthetics. Have I lost you yet? Stay with me!

    More product reviews: A review of Visalys Core from Kettenbach 

    So, what did The Catapult Group find in regards to Anutra:

    • Saved 15-30 minutes per day of chair time (80 percent of the reviewers)

    • Achieved more profoundness versus traditional anesthetics (80 percent of the reviewers)

    • Achieved improved reliability and hence less stress (78 percent of the reviewers)

    • Speed was dramatically different for onset (100 percent of the reviewers)

    • After using Anutra, nine out of the 10 evaluators would incorporate Anutra into their practice

    • On a scale from one to five, one being no pain and five being painful, the average patient rated the injection with Anutra a 1.7 proving the increased patient comfort. 


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