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    Protecting patients and staff with a high-speed evacuation system

    How the Purevac HVE System is able to quickly and safely remove harmful aerosols from the operatory.

    When it comes to infection control, what you can’t see can, in fact, hurt you. This is germane to everything from surface disinfection to instrument processing to aerosols. But not all disinfection is made equally. Aerosols can be a little more challenging to mitigate because they have the potential to waft around the room.

    “Procedures that generate aerosols and splatter can present safety risks for all patients and dental professionals,” says Cameron Vague, product marketing coordinator, Dentsply Sirona. “Dental studies show that aerosols can travel nearly eight feet and bacteria levels in the air can increase by five times during treatments. In recent research studies, high-speed evacuation systems (HVEs) removed 90 percent more aerosols during ultrasonic scaling compared to a low-volume saliva ejector. This product helps create an environment with fewer potentially harmful aerosols, which benefits both patients and operatory staff.”

    With that in mind, it’s clear just how important high-speed evacuation is, not only to improve the clinician’s view during procedures but also to stave off the propagation of harmful aerosols.

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    Improving safety

    The American Dental Association and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention both recommend that all blood-contaminated aerosols and splatter be minimized.

    “All procedures involving blood or other potentially infectious materials shall be performed in such a manner as to minimize splashing, spraying, splattering and generation of droplets of these substances,” OSHA recommendations read.

    The CDC guidelines for infection control in dental settings note that the use of high-speed evacuation systems are considered to be “appropriate work practices.”

    Dentsply Sirona Purevac HVE SystemDentsply Sirona’s Purevac HVE System can help ameliorate dangers posed by aerosols.

    “The Purevac HVE System puts two tools in one hand: high volume evacuation to evacuate the patient’s oral cavity of aerosols, splatter, fluid and debris and a mirror to provide visibility and illumination to the treatment area,” Vague says.

    Because the instrument is such a prevalent part of the clinician’s armamentarium, ergonomics was an important part of the Purevac HVE’s design.

    “Ergonomics for the operatory staff also played a factor in the development of this product. The Purevac HVE’s kink-resistant hose is 69 percent lighter and 135 percent more flexible than a standard HVE hose, making the experience for both the operatory staff and patient comfortable and efficient,” Vague says.

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