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    Meet the Dental Products Report Top 25 Women in Dentistry for 2017

    Now in its eighth year of recognizing exceptional women in the dental industry, Dental Products Report is thrilled to introduce the Top 25 Women in Dentistry for 2017.


    Lauren Kroh

    Lauren KrohCategory: Team member

    For Lauren Kroh, dentistry is in the family. She grew up watching her parents work together to build a dental practice that would treat patients while creating and building relationships. Eventually Kroh grew up and moved away from home to live her own life and have her own adventures, but two years ago she felt called back home to help build upon the practice her parents had worked so hard to start—and she hasn’t looked back.

    Since her return to her hometown of Cleveland, Kroh has spearheaded the efforts to take her parents’ practice from one office to three. Today she is proud to lead a team of dentists, dental assistants, EFDAs and front desk staff in continuing education and successful training in hopes of providing the best dental services to their patients.

    “I have always been familiar with dentistry; it has been all I have known,” Kroh says. “Seeing my family so involved in the dental industry and seeing doctors being able to help so many people made me want to get involved in this industry. Each and every patient that walks into our office becomes part of our family.”

    One of the biggest hurdles Kroh has worked to overcome is making the practice’s patients comfortable, even the ones who hate going to the dentist. To her, being able to take a patient who is afraid of being in the chair and giving him or her an outcome and experience so positive that he or she looks forward to coming back is especially gratifying. 

    Kroh is proud to be a woman in charge, but she also understands how other dental professionals, specifically dentists, can perceive her as a woman. Instead of accepting that and moving on, she strives to change that perception. 

    “Working with mostly male doctors, you need to know to stand your ground and be knowledgeable,” she advises. “Even though I am not a dentist, I try to study and be knowledgeable within the field. In return, I have found that I gain the respect of my doctor peers.”

    As the one in the driver’s seat, Kroh has taken it upon herself to ensure that the three offices are up to date on the newest advancements that could benefit patients. Whether those developments are within implant dentistry, digital dentistry, online marketing, social media or maintaining an online presence, she believes the only way to be successful is to innovate and educate.

    “Innovation to me means to think outside of the box,” she shares. “We are always trying to stay educated on the latest technology, involve ourselves with the newest patient relation methods, or provide more training than any other dental company in the world. We have a very fast-paced dental practice and I believe all of our innovation is what makes it run smoothly.” 

    She is proud of how far she’s brought the business her parents started and one that is so near and dear to her heart and she hopes in to see continued success in the future. 




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