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    Make a difference with Freedom Day USA 2017

    Freedom Day USA gives dentists the opportunity to give back to military personnel, veterans and their families.


    How does the community find out that a local practice is participating in Freedom Day USA?

    Once an office signs up as a Freedom Day USA participant, we provide them with a media kit that contains press release templates, social media tips, planning guidance and more. These tools help them let their community and guests know about the event. The practice is also listed as a participating provider on the Freedom Day USA website and is included in social media posts in the days leading up to the event.

    Is there any cost to participate?

    Registering as a Freedom Day USA Participant is completely free. The only cost incurred is the value of the “thank-you” offer (the services provided). Additionally, because we are a 501(c)(3) public charity we suggest that providers check with their tax professional to see how participation may be tax deductible.

    What’s involved in planning and holding the actual event?

    After registering, the team schedules the guests as they call in based on the practice’s specific thank-you offer. The practice will want to review the media kit and use the tools inside to raise awareness for what they are doing! On event day, they conduct business as usual (i.e. utilizing current practice forms, appointment times, etc.…); other than having a free thank-you offer we try to keep things simple and flexible. We do ask providers to keep track of how many patients they see and an approximate value of the services they provide, as we’ll send a short survey following the event.

    Beyond that it’s up to the individual office as to how event day works – some make Freedom Day USA a celebration with decorations and door prizes donated from local businesses, take lots of photos, post on social media and recruit other businesses around town to host events (making Freedom Day a community celebration) and more. Others focus on providing services to the appointed Freedom Day USA patients which is incredibly special by itself. Speaking directly to the dental community, Freedom Day is about YOUR thank you. You design your day based on how you want to honor your Freedom Day USA guests.

    How do practices become a part of Freedom Day USA?

    It’s easy to register as a Freedom Day USA providing practice. Simply visit the website and fill out the registration form here. Once we receive the registration, we send out a media kit, populate our website listing and publish social media posts welcoming and announcing new Freedom Day USA practices. New registrants are added to our mailing list and receive tips and other helpful info leading up to the event. Of course, the Freedom Day USA team is always available to support any informational needs that new participating practices may have. We’re happy to walk the team through the event planning steps to help ensure that their event day is successful!

    Watch the following video to hear Dr. Robert Martino talk about why he founded Freedom Day USA.

    Many thanks to Wendy for providing all this critical information about how to participate in Freedom Day. I know I speak for everyone at DPR in saluting you, Dr. Martino and the whole Freedom Day team in making a difference and providing our profession a way to give to those that keep us safe.

    To all reading this, I hope you will join me in dedicating a day to the military, veterans and their families. Let’s serve them for a day in salute to their daily dedication in putting their lives on the line past and present to serve us. Thank you.


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