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    Innovator Profile New implant solutions from DENTSPLY Implants


    Talking about new dental implant designs, digital workflows and how labs can prepare for the future of implantology.

    This article originally appeared in the July/August issue of Dental Lab Products. For more great articles about what's happening in the dental lab world, click the issue below:

    Dental implantology remains a major growth area in all levels of the dental workflow. DENTSPLY Implants continues to be a major factor in the implants market, releasing solutions, support and innovations that are pushing the industry forward.

    We recently spoke with DENTSPLY Implants’ Matt Gassel, director of marketing, North America, and Mikael Sander, group vice president, digital implant solutions, about the new implant design and how DENTSPLY Implants will support labs into the future.

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    DLP: You’ve just introduced the OsseoSpeed Profile EV. How is that helping dentists, labs and patients?

    A: As a part of the ASTRA TECH Implant System EV, recognized for its foundation of science and documented marginal bone maintenance, the introduction of the OsseoSpeed Profile EV takes that concept of clinical versatility and ease of use even further as an implant uniquely designed especially for sloped ridge situations. As with all OsseoSpeed EV implants, the self-engaging design of the impression components allow impression taking to be remarkably easier. The entire OsseoSpeed EV implant line, including OsseoSpeed Profile EV is designed for one-position-only placement of ATLANTIS patient-specific abutments, which makes it extremely user-friendly for both laboratories and restorative doctors to integrate ATLANTIS into their businesses and collaborate in delivering implant-supported restorations with the highest level of form, function and esthetics for the patient.

    Q: How is the increasing popularity of digital workflows helping DENTSPLY Implants and its customers? 

    A: The increasing prevalence of a digital workflow allows us to connect with our customers in many more ways that increase the efficiency and accuracy of the implant treatment process for improved time- and cost-savings and overall treatment outcomes. In fact, within our comprehensive portfolio supporting all phases of implant therapy, customers are able to leverage a digital workflow beginning with treatment planning (SIMPLANT) through to the final restoration (ATLANTIS).

    The ATLANTIS solution accepts both intraoral and lab-based scans to provide the data needed for the design and manufacture of a patient-specific abutment or suprastructure. Innovative digital products such as the ATLANTIS Abutment Core File, which is a digital representation of the outer surface of an ATLANTIS™ Abutment that enables the design of a precise coping and final restoration even before the physical abutment is received, save our laboratory customers time and labor.

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    Most all our digital solutions are “open platform,” which means they are compatible for all major implant systems and scanners so our clinical and laboratory customers have full flexibility in working with their systems of choice and equipment they have already invested in.

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