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    I Use That: KaVo MASTERmatic handpiece

    Why the precision of the KaVo MASTERmatic handpiece can pay dividends.


    How precision benefits patients 

    Triple Gear Technology is engineered to reduce vibration, leading to a more precise, smoother prep and ultimately a better seal for crowns and other restorations. So patients not only spend less time in the chair, there’s no need for them to come back for repeat visits because something went wrong the first time, Goss says. They walk out of your office with a long-lasting, durable restoration. 

    Patients also have a better experience while in the chair, Goss notes. Less vibration from the handpiece not only makes users more precise, it makes the procedure much more comfortable for patients. MASTERmatic handpieces are designed to be much quieter than what patients typically have experienced with noisy drills in the past. The head/knee angle combination makes it easier for you to comfortably reach the areas you need to access during a procedure, so you no longer have to keep asking patients to open their jaw wider, which could lead to discomfort and jaw fatigue. 

    “It’s more comfortable for dentists and the patient and it also leads to a more relaxed atmosphere,” Goss says. “Dentists can have those better clinical outcomes because they’re not battling some of the other issues.”

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    How precision benefits you 

    If you spend less time performing certain procedures, you can see more patients throughout the day—boosting practice productivity and your bottom line, Goss notes. She says that with the MASTERmatic series you can quickly and accurately complete restorations. The precision the handpieces provide means there’s no need to re-work cases, which can be both costly and time consuming.   


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