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    How to selective etch with precision with Prime&Bond elect

    One clinician explains how Prime&Bond elect helps simplify Class II restorations.

    The most durable bond in the mouth is well established to be etched enamel — and with an average depth of 6 mm, all Class II preps extend down into dentin.

    In selective-etch mode, Prime&Bond elect® lets you achieve the best result on each substrate by etching enamel margins where available, while avoiding over-etching dentin and increasing the risk of sensitivity. It provides high bond strength to enamel and to dentin in deep Class II restorations to protect the most vulnerable interface.

    For selective etching at the enamel-dentin junction, avoiding the risk of sensitivity on dentin is a top priority. Using Prime&Bond elect® with Caulk® 34% Tooth Conditioner Gel in a selective-etch application gives you excellent application control. The etchant gel viscosity allows you to trace the enamel margins, while minimizing the chance of it dripping or slumping onto the dentin.

    Visit www.class2restorations.com to learn more. 



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