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    How Palodent Plus enables you to do what’s best for your patients

    One doctor’s take on the benefits the Palodent Plus Sectional Matrix System from Dentsply Sirona offers his patients and practice.

    When Dr. Paul Bylis uses the Palodent Plus Sectional Matrix System from Dentsply Sirona in his Maryland practice, he knows he’s going to get an excellent result for his patients. The recipe the system provides just works, giving him consistent, reliable outcomes.

    After using the original BiTine Rings for years, Dr. Bylis made the switch to the Palodent system in 2011, and he couldn’t be happier with his decision.

    What Dr. Bylis says about the Palodent Plus Sectional Matrix System

    Dentsply Sirona developed all the parts extremely well. The Palodent Plus Sectional Matrix System offers the whole package. As long as you follow the procedures they’ve laid out, you’re going to get excellent results.

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    The system has wedge guards that prevent you from damaging adjacent teeth, which is a useful upgrade. Abrading an adjacent tooth is a risk, no matter the quality of magnification and lighting. Knowing that the only thing I can possibly nick is the wedge guard gives me a sense of comfort and peace of mind throughout the procedure.  

    The wedging system is very passive. Its contoured V shape design ensures that it won’t damage the tissue. They’re stackable, so I have the option of stacking them on top of each other. If not, I can also come in from the buccal lingual and have proper contour of the teeth without any overhangs. The sectional matrix bands are color coded and have a nice natural contour to them that make it possible to get anatomically correct contacts.

    The rings don’t cause any issues with the shape of the proximal box; I always get a contoured and anatomically correct restoration. The rings also don’t take up a lot of arch space. If I’m using an isolation device and have a tight working environment, it’s great to be able to use a ring that isn’t too large. You can stack them side by side and consistently create nice, tight contacts.

    This, of course, offers benefits for my patients. Any dentist who follows this recipe can achieve a restoration that I feel will last many years longer than some current studies suggesting seven to 10 years of service. Restorations are extremely difficult to perform correctly, so it’s important that dentists do the basics well.

    When I was starting out, we used silver fillings, which are very forgiving. The environment could be moist and they’d still be OK. They actually sealed better over time due to the corrosive effects. With composite restorations, any basic part of the formula that’s missing can shorten the restoration’s life immensely.

    Lack of proper banding, proper environment, proper choice of material and stress on the tooth can shorten the restoration’s life—especially if it is a Class II where you must seal the box. It’s very important to have products that help you achieve a reliable, consistent result that can be reproduced all day long. The Palodent Plus System does that for me.

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    Investing in this system is a no-brainer. Palodent Plus enables you to do what’s best for your patients and provide them with long-lasting restorations. It gives you proper contouring and banding and sealed margins, which leads to more predictable results. I find you can consistently practice dentistry at a higher standard with Palodent Plus, which is something I haven’t been able to do with other systems. This product is a game changer, and it’ll lead to more clinicians achieving high-level results


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